7th Future Fabrics Expo



January 25, 2018
5:15 - 5:45 PM


Iris Studios
Adrian Mews
Ifield Road,London
SW10 9AE

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Presentation by Amy Lee:
The Future of More Sustainable Branding

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and at the of our goals is the desire to transform the fashion industry, little by little, to become a better, more sustainable business.

Join us as we explore the impact that every step of the production cycle has on the environment. We cover supply chain, social responsibility, products and services and our role in educating our customers to more sustainable practices and choices.


Amy Lee
Trends and Insights Specialist, Avery Dennison.

The 7th Future Fabrics Expo

This curated materials collection is visited by industry leaders from Bottletop, SAC, Vegea grape leather, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Lenzing, Beyond Surface Technology, Responsible wool standard, and Responsible denim alliance.

The 7th Future Fabrics Expo embodies a range of sustainable principles and new technologies, sourced from international suppliers and mills who demonstrate a commitment to lowering the environmental impact across the textile supply chain.

Its aim is to support sustainable sourcing, enabling fashion brands to begin diversifying their fabrics and materials basket, in order to contribute to reducing their environmental impact.


The Sustainable Angle

The Sustainable Angle was set out with the core aim to initiate and support projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact of industry and society, by raising visibility of key sustainability issues and solutions, and with a focus on both agricultural as well as on fashion and textiles projects.

Charlotte Turner, Project Manager of The Sustainable Angle