London Fashion Week
Future of Fashion: Sustainability at its Core

EuroShop 2017 The World's No.1 Retail Trade Fair


September 18, 2017

10:30am - 12:00pm

The Store Studios
180 Strand

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Future of Fashion: Sustainability at its core

Join The Sustainable Angle and a panel of esteemed industry experts as they discuss the impact of sustainability on the fashion industry. From material innovation and design to manufacturing and consumption, hear how their work is at the forefront of driving sustainable change.


  • Daniel Lismore, artist, fashion designer and celebrity stylist
  • Andreas Dorner, commercial director of Lenzing Group
  • Henry Palmer, founder of Bysshe fabrics
  • Helen Sahi, senior director sustainability, Avery Dennison RBIS
  • Moderator: Amanda Johnston, curator and consultant, The Sustainable Angle

This event is free to attend, but spaces are limited. Please rsvp to the following email address or click REGISTER to secure a place.


Meet Helen Sahi, Senior Director, Sustainability

How I inspire my team:
I always encourage them to think bigger and to get outside of themselves. I also remind them that we need to understand and learn from everyone in our business, from the shop floor to the C-suite. We all offer valuable input and have a unique perspective.

What sparks my interest in a project:
First and foremost, I want to know that I can make a positive impact. I truly believe that individuals and organizations can be a force for good.

The biggest sustainability challenge facing apparel and footwear:
We work in an industry that wants to do the right thing while, at the same time, offer the best price possible. Until we start to measure and incorporate the true cost of this industry’s impact on people and the environment, we will constantly have this tension with sustainability and pricing. There are several companies whose business strategy is their sustainability strategy, and those purpose-driven companies are where innovation and creativity are unleashed. When you lead with purpose, profits will follow.