NE Materials Show Fall 2017
August 23-24

EuroShop 2017 The World's No.1 Retail Trade Fair


August 23-24, 2017

Aleppo Shriners Auditorium
99 Fordham Road, Wilmington, MA

Booth 712

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NE Materials Show Fall 2017

Meet our experts in global footwear and apparel branding solutions and learn about our new innovations that tell your brand story.

  • Brand protection and compliance
  • Component Weave TechnologyTM
  • External Embellishments
  • Hang tags
  • Heat Transfers
  • Packaging
  • JanelaTM Smart Products
  • RFID
  • Variable data


Component Weave TechnologyTM

Component Weave is an innovative solution that incorporates jacquard weaving techniques with yarns typically used in the automotive industry. This lightweight fabric is strong, breathable, and well equipped to showcase high-definition graphics for footwear, headwear, apparel accent pieces, and accessories.