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First Impressions Are Lasting Ones

That’s why our packaging solutions team develops custom retail packaging that authentically and effectively communicates your brand to consumers, while also prioritizing environmental products and technologies, and helping to increase your bottom line with reduced shipping costs.

Close-up of sustainable branded packaging
Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging ambassadors work closely with our sustainability team to re-engineer designs, optimize transit and flat packing, increase recyclability, reduce waste, and continually reassess materials and processes to develop the most attractive and environmentally-friendly solutions possible. Many of our POS packaging solutions, like header and backer cards, use FSC-certified paper. In fact, all the papers used from our internal factories feature 100% certified recycled paper.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is the first client to deploy our new transit bag for their OutDry Extreme Eco jacket. This groundbreaking bag looks and acts like the traditional clear poly bags used to ship clothes to retail locations, but it’s made from sugar cane—not petroleum—and can easily be recycled.

A Magic Disney Package


Learn about our sustainable packaging collaboration with designer, Christopher Raeburn for his Disney capsule collection.


Bio-Based Films


Our new bio-based films designed specifically for retail transit packaging is revolutionizing the industry and is backed by leading brands around the world.

image of bio-based films
Meet Caroline Hughes,
Head of Packaging

How I inspire my team:
At the end of a product cycle, we have to react quickly, so staying constructive, positive, and encouraging goes a long way in getting the best results from my team.

What influences my designs:
Successful packaging has to protect the product and identify the brand. A big creative driver for me is graphic design. But there are many aspects I have to take into consideration: color, texture, material, environmental impact, and brand perception.

The future of packaging:
Personalization will become more important for brands. Smart technology is also a key brand-enabler, it will provide whole wealth of information for the consumer.

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