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League Goals

“The Avery Dennison Toffee League is an amateur league like no other. Connecting teams from a range of industries across the city, all coming together to express their creativity through their love of football,” said Niki Diamond, manager, The Toffee Club PDX. While local design agency Industry Futbol Club will be battling it out with agency rivals Kamp Grizzly on the pitch, all is forgotten as they bask in their glory, or contest their defeat at the Toffee Club pub nearby.”

The Avery Dennison Toffee League is a football community, not just a competition. For more information on the or to attend a game, visit the website.

And learn more about RBIS’ contributions to team sports here.

The Avery Dennison Toffee League celebrates football in the most unique way possible, with customized kits for all 8 teams battling it out in Portland. 

Developed using a variety of weaving and printing techniques, each team designed a unique custom badge, specially crafted to optimize their designs, considering color, texture and varying degrees of definition, under the guidance of and manufactured by RBIS.

Take a further look below into what the teams designed for their badges.

Fish and Chips FC
The new mascot seems fishy, but that’s because he is. The design incorporates carefully sculpted levels of gold embroidery to bring the fish to life!

Glory Hunters FC
Driven by passion, allergic to defeat, the badge says it all. The Woven Heat Seal has a black satin stitch edge and the design gives a level of detail one could only have time to stare at while on the bench.

Nothing trippy about this team, who leads LGBT dedicated in Portland. They chose woven with embroidery and satin stitch edge to feature their signature rose. The look may be delicate, but the team not so much so.

Industry Futbol Club
Subtle in style but not in nature, the High Definition Woven Heat Seal badge stitched with double shuttle white loom is sophisticated, even if the players sporting it on their kits are less so. This badge was made in Italy with silver effect monofilament yarns.

Evergreen F.C.
Ever green in name, ever green in nature. The green badge takes advantage of a variety of weaving techniques for 3D palm trees and multidimensional imagery.

Outsiders FC
Not outside the realms of possibility, but maybe outside the norm, the team wanted to literally stand out with printed raised silicone on a laser cut polyester fabric.

Spaceholes FC
These intergalactic characters were out of this world with their thought provoking design. They really drove it home with sparkly black lurex integration on their woven badge.

Jnr Juniors
Junior in name but not in age, these go getters reference 90s vibes with gradient effects on bright colors through iridescent double shuttle loom on their Woven Heat Seal badge.

External Embellishments

RBIS brings brands to life with sophisticated external embellishments that have the power to tell a story, and do so in an exciting and relevant way.

RBIS: Winners in Team Sports

RBIS brings brands to life with sophisticated external embellishments that have the power to tell a story, and do so in an exciting and relevant way.

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