Kraft Paper Bags:
A plastic-free packaging alternative 

E-commerce shipments typically rely on plastic packaging that uses large amounts of scarce raw materials and can be difficult to dispose of. Avery Dennison's Kraft Paper Bag provides a high-performance, plastic-free solution. The result of more than six years of research, it works in harmony with the global ecosystem and complex supply chains.

Strong, durable and recyclable, the Kraft Paper Bag delivers a sustainable and effective e-commerce alternative to plastic. Its flexible form adjusts to the shape and size of its contents - reducing shipment volumes, lowering CO2 emissions and cutting transportation costs.

Unlike plastic bags, the bags do not use scarce natural resources, and can cut solid waste by up to 188%. Using minimal glue means the bags are fully compostable. They are tear-resistant, and as moisture-resistant as conventional boxes - future versions aim to increase moisture resistance to as much as six hours. This innovative solution looks to accelerate the drive towards a plastic-free future for e-commerce packaging.

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