It all starts with a Digital Care label

With circularity becoming the biggest distributor to the fashion industry over the next decade, the Digital Care Label helps to bridge a more circular economy and is important for a sustainable apparel industry. The #caretobethechange campaign strives to build awareness around the importance of having a Digital Care Label attached to a garment to enable circularity. Come on our journey and join the movement of #caretobethechange to evoke change in the way consumers think about a traditional care label.

Sub Campaigns

Reuse - Upwest and ReCircled

We continue our message of #caretobethechange with our collaboration with lifestyle brand UpWest, and ReCircled, an apparel and footwear recycling and reuse focused organization. This collaboration demonstrates Avery Dennison’s Digital Care Label solution, showing how it can be used in an upcycling context and provide a retail/brand experience.

Consumers have the opportunity to scan the QR codes on Avery Dennison’s Digital Hang Tags and Digital Care Labels to take shoppers on a journey outlining the item’s story, how it should be looked after and allowing them to engage closely with the UpWest brand.

Recycle - Ambercycle

The message of #caretobethechange has begun with the partnership of ambercycle, a Los Angeles-based, post-consumer garment recycler. The collaboration sees Avery Dennison’s digital labels being attached to Ambercycle’s newest collection of recycled garments. These labels feature a QR code that links to an app outlining how that specific garment was produced and how it should be looked after.

As well as ensuring that the product continues on its circularity journey by providing consumer information on how to properly dispose of the garment. In this case, if they send it back to Ambercycle it will be recycled back into a new textile again. This partnership is the first in a series of innovation-based collaborations that underline Avery Dennison’s commitment to a circular apparel supply chain and is in support of its 2030 sustainability goals.

Get in touch with one of our experts to digitize your care label and discover how you can utilize more of your label for sustainability, traceability, consumer engagement and much more.