2018 reflections, a stellar year for soccer

January is known to be the perfect time for a bit of reflection! And with that said, as the first month of 2019 comes to a close we’re proudly looking back at 2018 and an impressive season for Avery Dennison in the world of international soccer.

2018 was without doubt a stellar year (Premier League announcement anyone!?). Russia 2018 was a huge focus for the Brand Partnership team, giving inspiration and direction to two of our leading special project activations in the summer: Toffee League Season 2 and The International Clubhouse in collaboration with the Soho Warriors.

The International Clubhouse
As creators of some of the world’s most iconic football badges we collaborated with the Soho Warriors, an authentic voice in London soccer culture. We poured a shared love of the game into an exclusive football experience: ‘The International Clubhouse’. The clubhouse was an exclusive space, screening games and holding invite-only customization sessions for the duration of the World Cup 2018. As an invite-only destination we were able to create a community where guests could watch the world cup and soak up the footie culture. All guests had the opportunity to make their own personalized shirts, customized using bespoke patches created for the event - all whilst watching the latest world cup drama unfold on the big screen. 

Toffee League Season Two
About embark on its third year, the Avery Dennison Toffee League is a co-ed, small-sided, competitive soccer league. More than soccer, this is a social club where sports meets art, fashion and design. We’re on a mission to make soccer a little more artistic, a little more fun, a little more weird. And for Season Two we gave it a Russian twist to mark the occasion. 

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February 2019

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February 2019

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March 2019

The Avery Dennison
Crest Collection

We are pleased to announce that the Avery Dennison Global Football Library 4; The Crest Collection and Heat Transfer Library, has been launched.

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