Carved In Blue: Unzipping the Trims

Consumer demand, plastic pollution and the impacts of COVID-19 are just some of the factors driving sustainable change in the fashion industry. As part of the CARVED IN BLUE® webinar series by TENCEL™, we took part in a panel talk with leading global trim manufacturers to discuss solutions for the denim industry.

We were in great company, with other panellists present from YKK, Deridesen Etiket, Coats, and CRAFIL.

Expertly moderated by Tricia Carey from TENCEL™, the discussion brought up some of the biggest talking points and challenges facing the industry today. Circularity continues to grow as a priority, with brands and businesses worldwide looking at ways to use waste as a resource and bring new innovative materials to the mainstream. Technology is set to be an enabler for transparency, efficiency and post-purchase digital engagement that will allow brands to maintain a valuable and insightful relationship beyond a sale.

One topic that arose was around how our businesses are maintaining industry connections in a time where physical trade shows and meetings are limited. We look forward to joining The Global Fashion Agenda at this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Summit, which is set to be a great example of how the industry can come together virtually in a way that can add even more value than a physical event. Follow our channels on LinkedIn and Instagram to keep in touch.

Watch the webinar recording here.



September 2020


In support of the COVID-19 crisis, our Patched Together campaign invites people to purchase a series of limited-edition customization patches, featuring positive messages and support for health workers. 100% of net proceeds are donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

January 2020

Art, fashion and customization for the homeless

In December 2019, we were proud to partner with 4BYSIX with an event aimed to raise money for a London double-decker bus to be converted into a creative living space for homeless people in London.

September 2020

A Different View

Sourcing Journal’s denim channel, Rivet, recently launched a digital look-book focused on sustainability concepts and innovation in the trim category. We were happy to present our latest projects, including a partnership with The R Collective which features digital solutions and low impact branding materials.