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It’s a very cultured place to work, and everyone wants to help each other grow and develop in their career.

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Asher Plange

Intellectual Property Law Business Analyst for RBIS

What excites me about this industry:
Being able to use my technical skills to work with influential fashion brands. I’ve always been into clothing and fashion, so coming out of a college as an engineer, the closest to working in fashion would be at a company like RBIS. In terms of law, I’ve always been interested in innovation, so getting involved in the foundation of a new product and drafting a patent have been an exciting start to my career.

Why Avery Dennison RBIS:
I had an opportunity to enter the Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) program. It was a great option for me. And the people at RBIS were extremely welcoming. It’s a very cultured place to work, and everyone wants to help each other grow and develop in their career. It’s an amazing environment to launch a career right out of college.

What I think makes a successful leader:
You’ve got to have vision. And you need to be diligent in your efforts to achieve that vision and the ability to empower your team. As an example, my first direct manager here was always willing to give me responsibility with the resources to do succeed in those responsibilities. The confidence she had in me was empowering. The success I experienced in my first role was directly related to the empowerment I experienced.  

The biggest challenge I’ve faced at RBIS:
Understanding the business model, and the different aspects of RFID and sales distribution and trade sales and intercompany sales. Getting to know the business structure from RBIS to RFID takes time.

What excites me most about my future at RBIS:
Thinking about how I can maximize my role in this business for my long-term career development. My manager has given me a lot of options on how to take my career to the next level. I’m thinking about taking the patent bar. If I pass, I’ll become more of an asset to the team and company.

What success looks like to me:
Working for a company that seeks profit but also to better society and empower communities around the world.

My path to and at RBIS:
After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s of Science degree, I joined Avery Dennison as a GOLD Associate. My first rotation was as a project engineer for the Global Print Management Team. My second rotation and current role is in the legal department for RBIS as an IP business analyst. I was skeptical about a role in legal, but I have always been interested in innovation and new product development, and this position aligned with my foundation in engineering.

How I live the RBIS core values:
I strive to be conscious about my decisions and how they affect the people around me. Being respectable of everyone I work with is key. Respect in engrained in the RBIS culture; everyone’s opinions are heard and collaboration is just the mentality here.