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Disney pop culture meets
sustainable design

Merging innovation, pop culture and sustainability, we continue in our partnership with British fashion designer Christopher Ræburn with an innovative, reusable packaging design made from recycled materials. The boxes perfectly fit Mickey Mouse® or Minnie Mouse®, reimagined as luxury unisex bags, developed from ethically sourced nappa leather and organic European milled indigo denim.
The sophisticated hexagonal box is an ingenious design that not only perfectly stores the bags, but can also be flat-packed for shipping, significantly reducing freight costs and negative impact on the environment.

Christopher Ræburn worked closely with Avery Dennison RBIS over an extended period of time to ensure the packaging was not only attractive, but also sustainable. “Originally I knew that I wanted to create a beautiful object that people would really want to keep; it needed to be stackable and as sustainable as possible - both recycled and recyclable,” explained Christopher. “By working through ideas with Avery Dennison, we then added the fully packable element. Throughout the process it was fantastic to see the packaging improve with each round of sampling as we finessed the design.”

This project echoes a broader trend for thoughtful, provocative packaging that is not only made using recycled and sustainable materials but creates something useful, beautiful and is more likely to be kept than thrown away. As well as a collectible element, stripped-back design is a key factor, with brands opting for embossed and debossed effects and minimal printing to achieve a clean, refined aesthetic.
You can find the limited-edition Minnie Mouse® and Mickey Mouse® in Selfridges and The Conran Shop in London.

For more information, please contact me at amy.lee@eu.averydennison.com.

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