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Speed to market, a consumer desire.

Brands, retailers and manufacturers systematically shift their thinking in response to an accelerating consumer demand for speed.

Expectations set by the unrivalled pace of fast fashion and online retail sees new systems such as fast payment, instant delivery and buy now, wear now runways, creating a demand for immediacy. Where once the traditional supply and demand chains focused only on moving goods, the rise of digital puts greater importance on moving data and information quickly and accurately. From RFID, to chatbots, to AI and hyper-personalization, the industry is full steam ahead, and we are ready.

Supercharging the supply chain

The current systems are seemingly outdated and consumers now to look to brands and retailers that are challenging current systems and creating new ones better suited to the world today. A current focus for many retailers is to reduce their lead times to meet the growing demand for fast fashion, with some retailers now delivering new lines in two to three weeks. A lot of brands are looking for shorter, local routes in their sourcing whilst remaining sensitive to sustainability. 

System shift : Local

New models such as localized production, instant delivery and off-the runway purchasing are promising immediate consumer gratification, with ‘speed to market’ becoming the key to gaining advantage over competitors.

  • Localized production can help reduce delivery times and heighten sustainability.
  • Flexible and responsive manufacturing through on-demand printing services such as IPPS (In-Plant Printing solutions)
  • Bringing technology and local skillsets together to deliver products at point of purchase reduces shipping costs, waste and lead times.

  • Local personnel and facilities enable deeper, more human connections between retailers and consumers. This is particularly valued in the luxury sector.

  • Brands are starting to envision local manufacturing of products running alongside the more traditional mass productions. The intention is to react to meet local needs, and respond quickly with on-site customization in locations all over the world.

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