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Squad goals

Several soccer tournaments taking place in the U.S. and France hold every soccer fan in suspense around the globe this summer. For the love of the game, we bring you our latest market insights study -- it’s all about team sports.

As we see retail evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of complex millennials, the team sports scene is changing, too. We take a look at the most influential innovations in this industry, with spotlight stories covering everything from sustainability, to data tracking for player and match analysis as well as spectating. As brands tap into the emotional connection fans have with their favorite sports, personalization and experience rises to the top, along with their own unique style and performance profiles.

Creativity has shifted with a whole new aesthetic. In today’s culture, sport encompasses much more than just names and numbers, drawing from a whole range of inspiration including music, fashion, photography and graphic design.

Nostalgia draws us to remember the days when we would rush to the newsagent for the latest magazine releases. The fanzine is back, and it's cooler than ever. In this study, we give you a rundown of the top editorials to look out for, as well as brands, graphic trends and the amateur creative soccer leagues who are driving this movement. Back in February, we partnered with Eight by Eight, a quarterly football magazine, to develop a range of exclusive badge designs for our latest Global Football Library. Brand new techniques and materials were designed to elevate club and fanwear apparel by pushing the boundaries in performance wear embellishments. See a snapshot of all of our team sports-related design tools as well as carefully selected branding solutions for this market.

Apparel sports designs

We hope that our market insight study inspires you to look to the future and think - anything is possible! To request a copy and meet with a member of our Creative Team, please send me an e-mail.

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