Avery Dennison partners with Whistles on responsible trainer project

Closing the loop with responsible footwear

Trainers have always been an all-season footwear staple for Whistles, so when it came to introducing three pairs to their collection, it was crucial to approach each stage of design thoughtfully and maintain their focus on quality and timeless craftsmanship. The responsible trainer project sets to redefine new standards from the design concept to the end of the product’s life, marrying responsible materials with circularity, while deploying localized supply chains for manufacture. 

All Whistles trainers are made to last, but even the most-loved pairs have a lifespan. To close the loop, when your signature pair can’t take another mile, you can send them back to Whistles with confidence that they will consciously recycle them. 


The future of connected footwear products is here with the digital care label

Savvy consumers realize that by investing in a pair of ethical, good quality shoes and understanding how they were created and how to take care of them is ultimately more sustainable. 

The Whistles trainers feature an innovative digital care labeling system, provided by Avery Dennison. When the digitally enabled label is scanned it takes the consumer on a journey to learn more about their product. The consumer can access key sustainability information related to the product and it prompts the owner to explore sustainability further via the digital care label. The label is responsibly made from certified 100% recycled polyester yarns.

Enabling circularity in the upper Component Weave™ fabric

The future of fashion is circular. In addition to the digital care labeling solution, Avery Dennison partnered on the Whistles Sustainable Trainer Project by producing the upper Component WeaveTM fabric. The fabric is durable and responsibly designed and produced; it is composed of repurposed and recycled content yarns (20% Albert yarn and 80% recycled polyester yarn). 

What is Albert Yarn?

Avery Dennison’s Albert Yarn reimagines textile waste as a resource with great potential and is a prime example of the circular economy – showcasing how the unwanted can be transformed into the useful and desirable. Repurposing pre-consumer production waste not only saves water and energy, but also eliminates the disposal process and any resulting emissions.

  • 100% polyester

  • Natural touch and feel

  • No chemical processes used in production 

  • Traceable within the recycling chain

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