These Connected Jackets Demonstrate The Potential Power Of IoT-Powered Apparel | Avery Dennison

These Connected Jackets Demonstrate The Potential Power Of IoT-Powered Apparel

By Macala Wright
Posted on
November 1, 2016

EVRYTHNG and Avery Dennison reveal smart digital outerwear by designer Rochambeau

This week, Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) and IoT Smart Products Platform pioneer EVRYTHNG launch a cutting-edge collaboration with New York fashion brand Rochambeau in order to create one of the most interactive pieces of wearable apparel to date. The end product is the BRIGHT BMBR, a smart jacket that has one-of-a-kind digital experiences designed as part of the physical product.

Rochambeau, a recent CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, has produced 15 individually numbered, connected jackets, each capable of unlocking a hand-picked selection of unique New York City restaurant, gallery, club, retail and fashion experiences.

The left sleeve of the smart jacket features a hidden zipper pocket containing a limited-edition label with a custom NFC chip and personalized QR code. Consumers can use their smartphones to connect with these smart tags and access the curated experiences and gifts that come with their BRIGHT BMBR. Triggered by a smartphone, each garment offers a VIP pass to a highly sought-after, exclusive event hand-picked by Rochambeau’s founders, such as a tasting menu for two at Toro restaurant, a personal tour at New Release gallery, or velvet rope entry to the most exclusive nightclubs like Never Never, regardless of how long the line is.

“We started Rochambeau as an outlet for creative expression and artistic collaboration,” said Laurence Chandler, founder of Rochambeau. “We can’t think of a more amazing way to do this than to create beautiful garments with culture and connectivity stitched into the very fabric of the item. We’re excited about designing more Rochambeau products which are born digital.”

Each BRIGHT BMBR also comes with personalized gifts that can be collected by using a phone to scan the garment when the consumer is wearing the jacket within 500 yards of any of The New Stand’s (the official retail partner of this collaboration) three retail outlets, located at New York’s Union Square station, Brookfield Place, and Columbus Circle. The garments also unlock other unique content, including a signed, numbered piece of artwork inspired by the jacket and an individual ‘making of’ video.

Rochambeau smart jacket with tag

Finally, at the end of the Fall/Winter season, each smart jacket turns into a New York Fashion Week ticket to Rochambeau’s 2017 runway show, where the wearer can experience the brand’s new Spring/Summer collection.

The collaboration with rising fashion brand Rochambeau is part of the #BornDigital relationship announced by Avery Dennison and EVRYTHNG earlier this year. The #BornDigital garments offer consumers exclusive dining, art, retail and fashion experiences.

“We work with leaders in the apparel and footwear industry worldwide and are always looking to work with the next generation of global fashion brands,” said Deon Stander, vice president and general manager of Avery Dennison’s RBIS division.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Rochambeau and demonstrate how adding digital identities to garments creates a valuable, new channel for consumer engagement to support our retail brand customers.”