N.G.S.M. (Next Generation Sustainable Materials) Papers: Algae and orange peel - a new way to make paper

Avery Dennison's line of N.G.S.M. will aid in the reduction and over-use of virgin wood pulp, and give a productive purpose to agricultural waste from corn, grape and citrus harvests. 

The Crush paper line is made with 15% plant waste, while the Shiro range draws on algae blooms from endangered lagoon environments - lending nature an extra helping hand. All are manufactured using green energy by an industry-leading, world-class facility that crafts environmentally friendly paper solutions with innovative flair. 






These products support our overall commitment to sustainably sourcing 100% of our paper from certified suppliers by 2025, with 70% from FSC-certified suppliers. 

Avery Dennison describes its alternative papers as 'beyond recycling,' which is demonstrated by Crush and Shiro, as they go far beyond the industry reuse norms. Packaging, graphic tags, and point-of-sale branding and labeling can all be rendered in distinctive, vivid papers made from alternative, abundant natural materials. 

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