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Albert Yarn 

Avery Dennison’s Albert Yarn reimagines textile waste as a resource with great potential and is a prime example of the circular economy – showcasing how the unwanted can be transformed into the useful and desirable.

Albert Yarn is 100% polyester, with a natural touch and feel. It was created at Avery Dennison’s renowned Collitex site in Italy for use across a core range of woven products. No chemical processes are used in the production of the raw material and it is completely traceable within the recycling chain. Repurposing pre-consumer production waste not only saves water and energy, but also eliminates the disposal process and any resulting emissions.





Avery Dennison textile engineers are passionate about innovating with new yarns and combinations that are bespoke for our customers, to achieve the best possible results. For the latest release from our partnership with unisex footwear brand Primury, we collaborated on the design and development of a dynamic Component Weave™ fabric made with Albert Yarn, reflecting the playfully simple approach of the Primury team.

Reusing our own waste to give it new life allows us to recycle more and work towards landfill-free operations.


Passionate about innovation: 

Our Avery Dennison "Collitex" site in Italy is recognized worldwide as a center of excellence and innovation, with owning the reputation as having a long history of being a global leader in the Jacquard narrow fabric weaving industry. Component WeaveTM is a groundbreaking structural material that leverages Jacquard weaving technology for the footwear industry and beyond. 

Designed and developed in partnership with Primury, this dynamic Component WeaveTM fabric is made with repurposed yarns. Our textile engineers are passionate about innovating with new yarns and combinations bespoke for our customers to achieve the best possible results. 

About Primury 

For years, Avery Dennison RBIS has partnered with emerging brands in fashion from around the world. Now we are pleased to announce our first Halo footwear partnership with Primury. 

Primury is stocked in world-renowned luxury retailers such as Dover Street Market worldwide, Goodhood London, LNCC and MatchesFashion online. 

Primury is a contemporary unisex brand and lifestyle collective. Established in London in 2014, the collective aim is to embrace multidisciplinary fields such as art, photography and innovation while they reinterpret and modernize classic sneaker ideals.The brand takes its name from the word "primary", the idea of the earliest time or order. The shoes themselves are handcrafted in Portugal and offer a paired back twist on archetypal shoe styles such as the school plimsoll, the oxford and the golf kiltie shoe. The Primury collective shares a desire to develop products that become everyday staples, with their playfully simple and do-it-yourself approach to design. 

"It's been so amazing to see our ideas come to life, thanks to the RBIS team. They gave us the tools and support to develop our quirky ideas and push them further. They kept us on track, and even delivered some of our developments early. The results so far have been beyond our expectations and it's been a pleasure throughout." Selene Roure, designer and partner, Primury. 

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