CFS+ Roundup 2021

Everything you may have missed from the 2021 edition of the industry-renowned Copenhagen Fashion Summit, CFS+.

CFS+ is the leading forum for sustainability and fashion, gathering the industry to stimulate urgent action. Under the theme ‘Prosperity vs. Growth’, this year’s summit focused on juxtapositions and addressed a range of adjacent topics.

Avery Dennison was there as the Principal Sponsor for the third consecutive year to participate in and lead bold dialogues around the biggest issues in the world of fashion and sustainability.

Below, we showcase a hybrid of our originally produced content presented at the summit so you can understand the key themes at the event, as well as be inspired, informed and armed with the solutions that can enable a more sustainable future in fashion.

Explore our content below and read on to uncover the key themes, hot topics, latest trends and promising solutions that emerged at CFS+ 2021.

This Little Label Can Do Big Things

In today’s world, there is still a legal requirement for a garment to carry a physical care and content label that communicates product information. This product information allows consumers to understand how to wash their garments correctly and what material(s) the garment is made up of. What if a label can do much more? At Avery Dennison, we believe the label can unlock opportunities that benefit the consumer and brand, as well as being a force for good.

This ‘little’ label isn’t so little after all. When digitally connected, the unassuming care label can help significantly improve the impact of the industry, by enabling a product to be intelligent, traceable, transparent, and circular. It can actually tell you a lot about a garment – how it was made and what it was made from, how to care for it, and how to recycle or resell it so it can live on.

Not only are consumers looking to brands to tell them how to wash their garments correctly, but they are also demanding sustainability and recycling information when it comes to their garments. The digitally connected label is a gateway that allows recyclers and resellers to identify the material later on in the garment life cycle, and it allows brands to provide consumers with transparency across the supply chain as well as enabling new digital revenue streams through direct to consumer touchpoints. All while helping to advance the circular economy.

When we work together, this little label can do big things. Now, imagine what this little label could do for you. Find out more.

Versus Panel:
Clarity Vs. Complexity

In a complex industry such as fashion, how can we get the clarity that allows us to dramatically improve our businesses, consumer experiences and impact on the environment? In this panel we address transparency, digital solutions, and the importance of strong partnerships to get clarity in confusing times.

“All industry actors need to move from policies to action in addressing environmental and economic actions for the full supply chain. This will require collaboration, innovation, and dialogue moving to action, which will become the resounding message at CFS+ this year."

Debbie Shakespeare
Senior Director, sustainability, compliance
and core product line management, RBIS for Avery Dennison

Traceability and Transparency

Avery Dennison is actively involved in driving digital innovation in both product and process-driven operations in order to serve the evolving needs of consumers while advancing the circular economy and engaging customers in the life cycle of the garment. We embrace digitization as the transparency and traceability it leads to will make for a more sustainable future. Watch the film to learn more.

Case Study:
Partnership Vs. Ownership

How can global brands enable circularity in the fashion industry? In collaboration with lifestyle brand UpWest and ReCircled, an apparel and footwear recycling and reuse focused organization, Avery Dennison presents how a partnership with a brand, recycler and manufacturer can work together to enable full circularity.

Avery Dennison x UpWest x ReCircircled Partnership Brings Full Circularity To Life

Avery Dennison announced a new partnership with lifestyle brand UpWest, and ReCircled, an apparel and footwear recycling and reuse focused organization at this year’s CFS+. This collaboration demonstrates Avery Dennison’s Digital Care Label solution, showing how it can be used in an upcycling context and provide a retail/brand experience. In addition, it underlines how technology is central to the fashion circular economy, providing transparency and a new, direct-to-consumer communications touchpoint.

In a mission to explore how upcycling could extend the life of products, UpWest and ReCircled enlisted Avery Dennison to provide the physical and digital solutions essential to complete the circularity loop. Avery Dennison’s digitally connected hang tag and Digital Care Label advances consumer experiences, taking shoppers on a journey outlining the item’s story, how it should be looked after and allowing them to engage closely with the UpWest brand. When the garment has come to its end of life, the Digital Care Label allows re-sellers and recyclers to understand the material composition so it can continue its circular journey

This pilot partnership further showcases Avery Dennison’s ability to provide a total solution – a physical trigger to a digital experience, data management, and applications for brands, consumers, and the wider apparel industry to utilize. Find out more.

Innovation Forum

The digital innovation forum at CFS+ 2021 was where all solution providers exhibited their latest and greatest content and offered solutions to enable change. Avery Dennison presented how our digital solutions portfolio offers multiple use cases across different business sectors to enable transparency, traceability, the future of retail, consumer engagement and circularity. The Innovation Forum lives on even after CFS+ on

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Whitepaper: Discovering Digital Consumer Behavior

Avery Dennison recently partnered with GWI on a survey of over 5000 fashion consumers, across five global markets. The key takeaway? The gateway to circularity is digital. Read the report to gain a deeper understanding of digital consumer behaviour within retail, as well as insights into what this might mean for the future.

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