We recently partnered with GWI on a bespoke survey of over 5000 fashion product buyers in five global markets to better understand digital consumer behavior within the retail space, and the implications this may have moving forward.

The research shows that sustainability, eco-friendliness, and transparent product information are key priorities for fashion buyers, while this tech-savvy group feels that scanning a QR code on a product is an easy way to engage with digital experiences.

In a bid to find out more about circularity and re-commerce from a consumer perspective, we found that second-hand buying and repairing items are more commonplace in the U.S. and Europe, especially among women, while product journey tracking and online fashion rentals are more popular in China.

As connected products continue to transform the way we interact with brands and businesses, it becomes ever-clearer that the gateway to circularity is digital.

Download the report to learn more: