Alexander Taylor launches ATID to tackle fashion industry waste

ATID is the creation of Alexander Taylor Studio, a design and innovation consultancy based in London. Each ATID product is designed in London, then developed and upscaled in collaboration with industry-leading factories, labs and material specialists. The design process is centred around ways in which factories and designers can collaborate to create new ways of problem-solving. 

Huge amounts of textile waste from the fashion industry is destined every day for landfill or incineration. Rather than add to the creation of new materials, Alexander Taylor Studio chose to work with leftover deadstock material from partner factories such as KTC, a world leading outdoor technical garment factory, making some of the best technical apparel for the world’s premium brands. 

ATID doesn’t follow seasons or calendars and one-size-fits-all does not apply. Instead, ATID proposes radical collaboration with its partners, seeking out the best possible quality in manufacturing and introducing new products only when they are fully ready. Compromise is a luxury that no longer exists and is why ATID collaborates only with those with shared values.

As we step into a new decade, one defined by a global pandemic and climate crisis, we are reminded that no one exists in isolation. Today, more and more people are tuning into the ATID frequency and understand that it is our duty to live consciously and accept our individual and collective responsibilities. Our minds are infinite, but the resources contained within our environment are not. At the heart of this contradiction is where ATID draws its inspiration.

“Fashion as it is now and sustainability do not work together – the idea of sustainability has to be questioned because there are such huge volumes of waste generated every day. The idea of seasons within fashion generates huge amounts of waste, due to deadlines and 'consumer' demands, unsold inventory and the endless creation of new textiles, A designer can be the agitator and the agent for change.”

-Alexander Taylor, Founder, ATID

Avery Dennison is proud to support Alexander Taylor Studio with core branding solutions and packaging for the ATID collection.


January 2021


PARK SSC (Social Soccer Co) exists to create equal opportunity through the universal love of soccer and the language of art. For every ball purchased, PARK's Pass-A-Ball Project passes another ball to a child in need. We are proud to provide trims and embellishments for their newest football kit, featured predominantly in EA Sports FIFA 21.


November 2020

Download the Avery Dennison Digital Deep Dive today

In this first edition of the Avery Dennison Digital Deep Dive, we address the need for authenticity and connectivity in enabling a sustainable supply chain that is both conscious and efficient.


January 2021

Celebrating 10 years of Soho Warriors

Based out of East London, the Soho Warriors Football Club was formed in 2010 becoming the first creative football club in England. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, they have joined forces with Chrystie NYC for a collaborative capsule collection featuring Avery Dennison trims and specialty embellishments.