Enabling Circularity with Ahluwalia


For CFS+ in 2020, we partnered with Ahluwalia, a pioneering fashion brand renowned for a design-led approach to sustainability, to demonstrate the opportunities to enable circular systems through digital labeling solutions. 

In collaboration with Avery Dennison, for their SS21 collection, Ahluwalia designed a bespoke label, which once digitally activated has the power to tell the past, present and future story of the garment. If we can understand the past, we can unlock the present, and connect the future of our garments to their past. 

To learn more about enabling circularity with digital solutions and connected labels, watch our explainer video here.



February 2021

QR Code Market Insights

As the Covid-19 lockdowns around the world started to ease, the QR code saw a surge in adoption. Shoppers enjoy the simplicity of a touch-free interaction using only their smartphone, while businesses are empowered to better serve their customers. In this report we delve into the evolution of the QR code, its adoption rates, its design, its use cases, and more.

November 2020

Download the Avery Dennison Digital Deep Dive today

In this first edition of the Avery Dennison Digital Deep Dive, we address the need for authenticity and connectivity in enabling a sustainable supply chain that is both conscious and efficient.


February 2021

Reduce Your Footprint With 3D Digital Sampling

Over the past five years, lead times for garment production have shrunk in half. Yet traditional sampling methods have stayed the same, slowing down the process and stretching your teams. By adopting digital processes, you can improve your end-to-end efficiency, minimize your environmental impact and collaborate more effectively.