Join Avery Dennison in conversation with supply chain stakeholders

More and more apparel businesses are embracing the need for a circular fashion model as a means of keeping clothes out of landfills. This is why the EU is putting in place legislation to ensure sustainable consumption, while the US industry is looking at legislation to eradicate the care label.

It is clear: digitizing clothing items will not only be a legal requirement, but offers the industry an opportunity to educate and engage consumers on sustainable care, while also providing the transparency and traceability they demand.

Join Avery Dennison in conversation with supply chain stakeholders on November 10 at 2 pm ET to discuss how technology will enable the circular economy. You will learn: 


  • The rise of circularity in clothing care and why it should be on top of the agenda for apparel businesses

  • How the EU-wide legislation in support of sustainable consumption can be an opportunity for a variety of stakeholders 

  • Why digitally connected labeling is a powerful way to address sustainability challenges and drive circularity


The circular acceleration is starting. This webinar is the one you don’t want to miss.


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November 2020

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