Made to Mention Magazine 02


Welcome to the second issue of Avery Dennison’s quarterly trends and insights magazine, Made to Mention. Each issue will focus on a central theme, with this issue entirely dedicated to Community. Our first issue was centered around Digitalization and in line with our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint this issue has gone entirely digital.


You and anyone you share this with can access the entire magazine online at the link below.


In this issue we highlight our latest activation work in team sports, fashion, and sustainability. We introduce new and exciting ways for brands to engage with their consumers post-purchase, and how our Digital Care Labels can enable traceability across the supply chain. Less is more, and community building is the red thread through the entire issue. 


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July 2021

The Future Laboratory on ‘Community’

For our second edition of Made to Mention 2021, we partnered with the leading strategic foresight consultancy, The Future Laboratory, to introduce the topic of ‘community’ in the fashion industry.


July 2021

Connected Communities

As data becomes increasingly important for understanding the fans and customers of the future, content is emerging as a defining element of brand culture and strategy. Global consumer behavior is leading companies to move from a product-centered approach to a more service-oriented, more transparent reason for being – shifting importance onto purpose and a commitment to society.

May 2021

Art Comes First Explore Craftsmanship and Sustainable Culture

With restrictions in their usual activities, the duo at Art Comes First decided to take their experiences to West Africa, to learn more about the incredible craftsmanship and ingrained sustainable culture through the eyes of the locals. This project gave birth to another extension of the ACF Collective: the African Creative Factory.