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Avery Dennison FDMTL Collaboration

Avery Dennison recently collaborated with Tokyo based denim brand, FDMTL, to utilise, maximise and celebrate their innovative use of Boro. Traditional Boro involves heavy manual work and is not suitable for mass production, however Avery Dennison has worked closely with the design team at FDMTL to develop and perfect Boro replica techniques, such as jacquard-weaving Component Weave technology, which provides the same sustainable and social benefits of traditional Boro.

To celebrate the launch of this long-awaited collaboration, a pop-up customisation event was held on Friday 14th September at Omotesando Rocket in Tokyo. The space was carefully, and beautifully, designed with Boro denim floors, with key products displayed on the walls to emphasize their true “work of art” status. These products ranged from the FDMTL and Vans collaboration, as well as New Era and Masterpiece products, which were all made using the Avery Dennison Component Weave™ technology.

To raise global awareness of this partnership outside of Japan, Avery Dennison recruited two key emerging influencers from the US and UK markets, both known for their advocacy of denim and the heritage of the Boro technique, as well as the FDMTL brand. These influencers were invited on an exclusive three day trip to Tokyo, which included them being fully kitted out in FDMTL throughout their stay and attending VIP events such as the launch night itself, and the Vogue Japan Fashion Night Out. They also received a one-on-one session with the Avery Dennison and FDMTL creative teams to learn about the techniques used to create the bespoke items within the collection.

Along with these influencers, the event was attended by some of the world’s most prestigious figures in the denim and creative industries. Attendees included Motofumi "Poggy" Kogi (United Arrows & Sons, Director) and the Asics Design team.

The results of this collaboration and launch event were overwhelmingly positive for FDMTL and Avery Dennison. Instagram stories delivered high engagement, which comes as no surprise as this style of ephemeral content is a great way to generate buzz when covering an event. Particularly one that allows its attendees to personally customise Boro products which are, unsurprisingly, completely unique in every one of their finished patchwork designs.

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