The Hiut Denim Story

Learn about Hiut Denim’s quest to help the people of Cardigan get their jobs back.


Ethical Manufacturing

Can denim change the world? Co-founder of The Hiut Denim Company, David Hieatt thinks so.He started his brand to bring the glory of making jeans back to Cardigan, a small manufacturing town in Wales where, for three decades, its skilled artisans made jeans and only jeans until the factory closed. Today, each pair of Hiut jeans is designed for timeless style, and is made by hand, relying on a combination of world-class skill and technological innovation. Sharing core values of environmental consciousness and sustainable active lifestyle, the RBIS and Hiut Denim partnership continues to thrive.

“If purpose makes you strong, ideas make you grow…I love ideas. Because they don’t need a ton of money, they just need you to be brave.”

David Hieatt

RBIS + Hiut Denim

In 2014, RBIS started to collaborate with Hiut Denim to create the first Avery Dennison RBIS Halo Brand for the denim market segment. Our creative team worked closely with Hiut Denim to develop the branding through visual research, new label techniques, and innovative materials. Through our collaboration, RBIS developed a full branding solution set, including our patent pending Agility® three-color reflective heat transfers that enable drivers to see cyclists during the misleading twilight period of day.

Brand Solutions

External Embellishments
Sustainable Pocket Flashers
Three-color Reflective
Woven Labels