Rochambeau x Nike

A striking interpretation with dramatic results

Rochambeau’s show entered new dimensions with the work of the artistic #AaronCurry, calling for the creation of dramatic 3D silicone, woven embellishments and tongue labels as part of their collection at New York Fashion Week in September. Striking applications were featured across both apparel and footwear for maximum impact.

  • 3D silicone embellishments
  • Woven shoe tongue labels
  • Silicone lace embellishments.

Rochambeau partnered with Nike® to showcase provoking ways to breathe new life into white and black Air Max® sneakers, and RBIS was more than happy to provide the creative applications that the designers came up with. The references from Curry’s 2014 show Melt to Earth provide the backbone for Rochambeau’s spring collection, which also pulls from his 2010 exhibition Two Sheets Thick. Here, the collection gained inspiration from the worlds of skate culture, sci-fi, cartoons, video, games and graffiti.

The shoes will be featured in a series of global activations.

Retailers will include The Webster in Miami, Just One Eye in Los Angeles, SSENSE in Montreal and Lane Crawford Hong Kong. The team are also discussing collaborations at Paris Fashion Week and Art Basel for 2017. 

Rochambeau at our NY CDIC

Chandler, Cooper and Curry spent several weeks in the studio as well as visiting the Avery Dennison CDIC in NY, meticulously translating the artist’s works into clothing. As a result, the models in the show became elements removed from Curry’s paintings; literal sculptures brought to life.


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