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BioFlexTM Packaging. The Ultimate Sustainable Alternative To Fossil-Based PE Plastics.

Due to global compliance requirements and hygiene concerns; clothes need to be protected during most if not all transportation. But traditional polyethylene (PE) packaging is discarded rapidly, with exponential environmental consequences due to the lack of degradation, contamination to landfills and waterways and rapidly depleting the world’s natural resources.

With the plastic packaging market set to hit $375bn by 2020, Avery Dennison RBIS proposes a solution that can not only reduce the amount of fossil-based material by up to 97% but can also be recycled alongside traditional plastics. By replacing traditional fossil-based PE with bio-based materials, there is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and a number of additional benefits.
Our transit packaging made with BioFlex™ uses raw materials that are responsibly sourced, renewable and not from the food chain, with the surplus energy from the conversion process also returned to the national grid.

The BioFlex™ solution is available for all transit flexible packaging, and future applications being developed by Avery Dennison will likely lend themselves to virtually all of those applications where traditional PE is currently used. The ultimate sustainable solution on the market today, BioFlex™ packaging is RSL compliant with no compromise in performance. 

Helen Sahi
Senior Director of Sustainability

“Most poly bags are typically made from virgin petroleum polyethylene. But you can’t get rid of poly bags without potentially ruining the garments as they’re being shipped, which is why we have innovated a sustainable alternative that have the same benefits and applications as traditional poly bags. I could hand BioFlexTM to you today and you would never know the difference”.
“In looking at all the different ways to make this jacket more eco-friendly and sustainable, the bio-based poly bag turned out to be a really great solution to add to this story. This is a place in the industry that there’s been a lot of attention put on.”

Peter Haney
Manager of Stakeholder Engagement and Corporate Responsibility at Columbia

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The solution has been recognized in the industry, receiving an Honorable Mention at the SPC SustPack Awards in April, 2017.