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Branding solutions like labeling and packaging not only reflect a brand’s image, they can also be the selling point for many consumers. Research shows they play a vital role in forming perceptions of a product’s attractiveness, quality, and value, and when executed successfully, also increase how much buyers are willing to spend on it.

Our global Creative team explores and analyzes what's shaping the world's apparel markets and identifies emerging fashion and consumer trends. These powerful insights inform their design process and are the basis of their integrated branding solutions and technological innovations that elevate brands, tell their story, and make them stand out in the rapidly changing apparel industry.

Deep Dives + Market Insights

Stay at the forefront of your industry with our Trends and Insights team’s rich selection of information, including trend intelligence, materials direction, competitive analysis, and branding solutions that will give your product an edge. Our archive of expert analysis features Denim, Reflectives, Outdoor Performance Wear, Women’s Activewear, Dress Shirts, and Intimates.

Industry Insights: Consumer Behavior

The rapidly changing consumer landscape is shifting beyond brand image to encompass broader lifestyle concerns such as equality, sustainability, wellness and more. In turn, it is becoming ever more important for brands to innovate and be accountable for their impact on the world, while also engaging consumers with original multi-channel content. In a recent study, we looked at what that means for brand communication. Here are some findings:

Use of ad-blocking software
rose 41% in the past 12 months,
with users in the United States
totaling 45m.

Source: Vision Critical

of Generation X
is brand loyal, the highest
rate of any age category

Source: eMarketer

of consumers
are more likely to engage in a
personalized experience

Source: Decoded Fashion

91% of aspirational consumers
are willing to pay more for products
produced in a socially and
environmentally responsible way
Source: BBMG

In the US alone,
teenagers control about $75b
of discretionary spending

Source: Piper Jaffray

On average, Gen Z uses their
smartphones 15.4 hours per week—more
than any other type of device

Source: Vision Critical

Cover illustration of our future of denim deep dive

How the Future of Denim is Changing
Learn about consumer preferences, trends, and challenges in today's denim industry from influencers like Amy Leverton. Includes highlights from RBIS' exclusive panel discussion at our Los Angeles Customer Design and Innovation Center.

Footwear Deep Dive
The global market for athletic footwear is bigger than it’s ever been and shows no signs of slowing down.


Take a look into Denim: The Future

With the global jeans market topping $122 billion in 2016 and growing, our trend professionals scoured the globe to interview consumers and experts to discover what's next for the much-loved denim industry, resulting in our latest white paper, Denim: The Future.

Seasonal Portfolios

Released 12 months prior to the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter fashion collections, our Seasonal Portfolio details upcoming product offerings and capabilities within select trends and lifestyles.

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DFA Design for Asia Awards

DFA Design for Asia Awards
We are delighted to announce that our Chinese New Year 2017 Made to Mention collection, featuring the icons and symbols of this year to incorporate forward fashion trends and the latest material innovations, has been awarded the DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 in recognition of its design excellence by the international judging panel.

Made to Mention
A new addition to our product portfolio is the Made to Mention series.
A showcase of our most innovative and creative apparel branding solutions, this tool allows us to share with you the highlights of our special project collaborations with emerging brands and designers.

Meet Rana Sidahmed, 
Avery Dennison RBIS Global Creative Director, Trends and Insights

Rana joined RBIS three years ago and now heads up the creative team globally, partnering with brands and retailers to achieve their branding ambitions.


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