Avery Dennison Announces Partnership with Browzwear and Adobe Substance 3D to Accelerate Market-First 3D Solutions for Apparel Industry

Avery Dennison announced its partnership with Browzwear, the pioneer in digital apparel prototyping, and Adobe Substance, the leading software solution for 3D texturing, to launch enhancements for its 3D design software suite. The partnership is the first in the industry that enables apparel designers to preview branding and material choices at the onset of the design process for seamless integration from start to finish. Typically a late-stage process, this change represents a paradigm shift, bringing branding and embellishments to the forefront of the design process.

“Innovation for the apparel industry is top of mind for Browzwear at all times, and partnering with a global leader like Avery Dennison that is so passionate about creative and sustainable solutions is a great fit for us,” says Sean Lane, vice president of partnerships at Browzwear. “We’re excited to work together to enhance the design experience through true-to-life renderings, and ultimately continue our mission to increase time-to-market and reduce material waste.”

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3D Digital Sampling

Create photo-real, 3D samples and incorporate into your designs from anywhere, at any time.

In today’s world, being able to work remotely is not a one-off exception, it’s become the new normal.

For an industry, where physical sampling is the status quo, and attention to detail can make or break you, this represents a unique challenge.

In the midst of a digital revolution, Avery Dennison is your trusted partner, helping you to digitize your design process and future-proof your business. By adopting digital processes, you can improve your end-to-end efficiency, minimize your environmental impact and collaborate more effectively.

Shrink your
lead time

Meet pressures to speed up your go-to-market strategy

Approve samples at speed

Respond to consumer-driven trends more quickly

View and check designs across different geographic locations quickly

Prepare for a future where on-demand manufacturing will be the norm

Increase agility in your supply chain


Reduce your footprint

Reduce one of your biggest contributing factors to waste

Reduce your shipping carbon footprint

Contribute to meeting your business’s sustainability goals

Gain greater transparency of the environmental impact of your development process

Be a driver of change and a force for good

Transition to a circular economy


Improve remote collaboration

Approve samples at speed

Reclaim the space in your home office

Build confidence in new systems

Gain a faster decision-making pace

Create space for experimentation

Integrate trims into your 3D garment design platform

Remove order revision frenzy

From anywhere!

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