Digital Solutions

Unlock creative, ethical and business possibilities across a garment's lifecycle.

We are at the forefront of the digital revolution in the apparel industry, and prioritizing the advancement of the circular economy. Now, more than ever, having the right technology and network in place will be critical.

An integrated portfolio of data-driven solutions and services

The three pillars of our Digital Solutions portfolio bring together the physical and digital apparel solutions that will enable your digital transformation.

Our market leading digital trigger portfolio integrates a broad set of digital technologies across our trim products including labels, tags, and embellishments. This comprehensive portfolio allows you to choose the best digital trigger(s) to achieve your objectives in enabling visibility into the end-to-end lifecycle of garments as well as rich consumer encounters. The trigger is detected by a scanner or smart device.

We provide cloud-based solutions creating a digital twin to your physical product, enabling a constant flow of data. Our data platforms include, connect product cloud, which assigns, manages, and tracks the item's digital ID throughout its lifecycle, and provides AI-driven analytics and real-time insights to enable you to make informed business decisions. Data can be accessed directly from your system, or by leveraging Avery Dennison’s apps.

Our comprehensive portfolio of applications is designed to serve the industry in its digital transformation. From supply chain visibility to digital consumer engagement to transparency and authentication, Avery Dennison’s applications allow you to achieve fast time-to-market while minimizing investment and resources.

Unlock the power of digital
with the Connected Garment

The Connected Garment brings to life our Digital Solutions adaptable portfolio, which has solutions to the three biggest trends and digital enablers in the market.

• Supply chain visibility
• Sustainability – circularity and traceability
• Digital consumer engagement

What can Digital Solutions enable?

Supply chain visibility

Track your garment’s journey – at every step. Our end-to-end Digital Solutions bring you valuable knowledge, so you have access to information you can act on – right along the global supply chain. You get greater visibility on your garments – from creation, through to retail, and even your consumer’s wardrobe. The result? Better efficiency and accuracy.

68% of surveyed executives view traceability as very or extremely important for their company’s success.

Source: Bain & Company, 2021

Power reuse, recycle, and resale – know a product’s origin, composition, and authenticity. Whether it’s outlining how a specific garment was produced, how it should be looked after, or even providing consumer information on how to properly dispose of the garment, our digital labeling solutions and data management, including, connected product cloud, can provide that end-to-end story to ensure every product continues on its circularity journey, helping your brand meet your sustainability goals.

65% of shoppers we surveyed said they’d be likely to scan digital triggers related to transparency and circularity.

Source: Avery Dennison x GWI, 2021
Digital consumer engagement

Let your garments tell your story – bringing consumers closer to your brand. Our digital portfolio enables your consumers to interact and connect with your brand’s garments directly, unlocking opportunities to maximize consumer interaction after purchase, letting your garment speak for itself while establishing a direct communication channel with the consumer.

1 in 2 fashion buyers across the world say they would rather consult product details on their phone than ask a store assistant.

Source: Avery Dennison x GWI, 2021

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