RBIS + Scodix

Luxurious Sustainable Branding

Avery Dennison RBIS is committed to developing flexible branding solutions that meet consumer preferences and market demand. That’s why we partnered with Scodix, a global leader in digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, to develop Foil Sense by Scodix™, Sense by Scodix™ and HD by Scodix™. These innovative print enhancement processes enable us to address issues with screen print and Spot UV, while also allowing us to provide customers with integrated branding solutions that are luxurious, efficient, and reduce environmental impact.

Foil Sense by Scodix™ is a superior foil enhancement print with ultra-fine details, high gloss, surface coverage and flawless registration, enhancing the look in a variety of foil colors. It can additionally be used in combination with Sense by Scodix™.

Foil Sense by Scodix™
HD by Scodix™

Using a special high-gloss polymer, HD by Scodix™ produces a selective spot varnish–at heights of 5-25 microns–to digitally recreate the effect of traditional analog flat varnishes. The result is a more cost-efficient approach, and unlike spot gloss UV, HD by Scodix allows brands the option to increase polymer height to stunning effect.

Sense by Scodix™

Engaging the consumer visually and with a sense of touch, Sense by Scodix™ turns the graphic tag or packaging into a 3D tactile experience. It produces an embossed effect by applying polymer to the graphic tag in varying heights. The result is a three-dimensional texture with depth and raised effects. This breakthrough solution also uses non-toxic, recyclable technology and produces less waste and uses less energy–there’s no need for plates, molds, chemicals, or solvents.

Scodix printed promotional ticket Sense by Scodix

“The North Face is committed to sustainable practices, which is why we decided to use Avery Dennison’s most innovative digital printing technology — Sense by Scodix™ — for our Summit Series hangtags."

The North Face

Scodix printed promotional ticket HD by Scodix

“I love how the graphics created a contrast between the matte paper and the almost liquid-looking print, creating a hangtag that looks unique and makes you want to touch it, which is exactly what I want people to do with my collections as well."

Astrid Andersen

Key Benefits

Sense by Scodix tag
  • Alternative solution to Spot Gloss UV/embossing
  • Engages consumers visually and tactually
  • Increases speed and process efficiency
  • Lowers product costs
  • Does not require molds, screens, chemicals, or printing plates
  • Reduces environmental footprint

Solution Spotlight: Sense by Scodix™

See how our latest sustainable print enhancement solution, Sense by Scodix™ is engaging consumers visually and tactually.


Power of Branding Study

Close-up of external embellishment sustainable tags and labels

Tags, labels, and packaging that effectively leverage branding and successfully communicate sustainability practices can greatly influence a product’s perceived value and consumer spending. Learn more in our Power of Branding Study.

2025 Sustainability Goals:
We’ve Set the Bar Higher.

Over the next decade, RBIS is upping the ante on ambitiously reducing the impact our business has on the environment and cultivating a workforce that is more diverse, engaged, and healthy.

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