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Being so connected has allowed consumers to be the content creators and become influencers themselves, which I think is a really positive shift.

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Amy Lee

Senior Manager Trends and Insights Apparel

What inspires me:
Passionate people! I love hearing specialists talk about their ideas. Youth culture is also really inspiring and usually has the most fun aesthetic.

What sparks my interest in a project:
I always find the lifestyle surrounding a topic really interesting. For our Outdoor Performance Market Insight study, I loved seeing how many brands live and breathe their products and the outdoors. When content sells a lifestyle - not just a product - that really draws me in. This is what people mean when they talk about authenticity: it’s not just a compelling branding story - it’s real life and real values.

Some trends that have me excited:
I actually get goose bumps when I hear discussions around the future of technology. It’s moving rapidly and it’s going to continue transforming our lives. What Rebecca and Uri Minkoff have done with interactive mirrors in their stores is very clever: they have looked at pain points of the shopping experience and provided real solutions. Technology needs to have a purpose or it has no staying power. The Janela™ Smart Products Platform we recently launched with EVRYTHNG is really exciting, too. I can’t wait to see how the movement for connected products evolves–there is so much potential!

How I get started on a research project:
Even if I am not working on a particular market, I am always collecting information and imagery that catches my attention. I will look at what I have captured over the past couple of months to see which themes stand out as relevant and directional. I also read everything I can get my hands on around that area. It’s important to understand exactly how a study will be used to gain direction from our specialists in the early stages.

Data, analysis, and creative branding:
We have had some really promising feedback from the creative and sales teams at RBIS. It gives them a resource to dip into when they need up-to-date information for a project. They can use it with the customer to leverage decision-making and clarify why an idea is relevant to the market.

How consumers are evolving:
Being so connected has allowed consumers to be the content creators and become influencers themselves, which I think is a really positive shift. Customization is successful because people want to have a say in design. Having a product that is special to the wearer is more likely to be kept and valued. In some ways, consumers are catching on that throwaway fashion cannot continue the way it is, but this mindset needs to happen in a much bigger way, and brands must innovate changes to make that possible.

Customers care about sustainability:
There is much more pressure on brands to be transparent about their supply chain and materials. We have seen from our research that consumers care – 88% expect brands to take measures to be more environmentally friendly. The Fashion Revolution campaign is a really good indicator, as they have had more engagement than any other fashion campaign, ever! It’s reassuring, but there’s still a long way to go.

My path to this role:
I studied woven textiles at university and spent the first 5 years of my career designing fabrics for menswear. I always loved going out to discover trends and get inspired. The different markets and topics I cover now are so varied that I am learning every single day. I can’t get enough!

Best career advice I’ve received:
Enjoyment is success.