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I like helping navigate people through career development and helping them find their true passion.

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Karyn Gottardi

Director, Human Resources,
Global Commercial

What inspires me:
Hearing from others about their journeys getting to where they are today. I love and relate to stories about people who are ambitious and have overcome great obstacles in life.

What excites me about this industry:
I like how things are constantly changing at RBIS and we're always thinking about how to be better. With my background in Industrial Engineering (IE), l appreciate looking for ways to do things better or differently. It excites me. I also thrive on the fast pace; it keeps me on
my toes!

Why Avery Dennison RBIS:
One of the biggest enticements that brought me into the company was the people. There were also exciting opportunities to grow my career, make a difference, and to find my true passion in work. It’s one of the biggest reasons I’m still here.

My path to Human Resources at RBIS:
I started at Avery Dennison seven years ago as a Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) associate. In my first rotation, I was working with the Procurement Team to find a better way to purchase our long lead-time raw materials. It was a perfect match to my educational background in IE. For my second rotation, I was asked to work as a talent analyst supporting the GOLD program. After just a couple of months I fell in love with this role in Human Resources. I like helping navigate people through career development and helping them find their true passion. I led the GOLD program for the Americas for a couple of years, then was asked to create a program in EMEA and spent a lot of time in Hong Kong and China. I was eager to expand my skillset, which is what led me to becoming more of an HR generalist. From there, I was given expanded responsibility as the HR manager and most recently was assigned to lead field Human Resources in the U.S., and now Global Commercial.

What connects and motivates RBIS employees:
While we’re a diverse company in terms of culture, gender, technical and educational background, and thinking, most of us have a desire to excel at everything we do. A big part of that is being open to change and always looking for the next best thing. Passion and commitment to doing the right thing is a common trait here, and being motivated by the opportunity to make a difference.

What I think makes a successful leader:
It comes back to having a passion for what you do and a willingness to develop others. Building and maintaining relationships is key, as is having strong communication skills. A bit of humility goes a long way, too.

What drives my performance:
I’m a perfectionist and that trait helps me perform at my best. Helping others, making a difference, and helping to grow the business is a major driver. It also helps that I get to work with awesome people, especially my team!

What success at RBIS look like to me:
Accomplishing what we set out to do–financially, operationally, and ethically–is success to me.

How I live RBIS core values:
It all comes down to teamwork. I’m the type of person who builds off other people's’ energy and am a true believer that two, three, or five minds are better than one! I tend to be more of a collaborative thinker, whether it’s pulling a group together with different backgrounds to solve a problem, or just bouncing an idea off someone to get a different perspective on how to approach a situation.