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Designers are now migrating from Instagram to Snapchat. It’s all about being in the moment right now.

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Nikita Jayasuriya

Global Director, Head of Team Sport

My role at RBIS:
I work with up-and-coming brands to help them grow through branding and also help them influence and lead the market with innovation.

Why RBIS values and supports emerging talent;
We are always pushing ourselves to think outside the box. Our Halo brands enable us to do that. They challenge us with a problem and we try to solve it. Then it goes in our solution portfolio, which we can then take to the market. In our opinion, they are the future of design, so we support them to help change the industry.

Designers that excite me:
From a sustainability angle, Outerknown is impressive. KTX is very monochrome. Prints are bold, black and white. It’s very distinctive. You always appreciate that as a designer. I find Mimi Wade intriguing, as well. She is fresh, young, and quite anti-fashion. Very punk. She’s just graduated so it will be interesting to see how RBIS can help her grow.

Ways Halo designers are innovating:
We’re innovating Component Weave with Christopher Raeburn to use for entire garments, not just footwear. Astrid Andersen is pushing high-end fashion with performance materials, and inspiring other brands to do the same. Premium brands are definitely embracing the streetwear performance look.

What I look for in a Halo Brand partner:
Sustainability is key. Leading the market, making heads turn, having a global reputation via boutique shops over mainstream retail.

What’s happening in apparel:
Design is always cyclical. We’re coming back to sustainability: people are looking for where products are made, who is making them, if materials are sourced ethically. Some emerging trends that I think will stick around for a while are big slogans (Astrid Andersen SS17), big logos on the front of jerseys and garments. It seems everyone is going back into big, bold branding.

How fashion designers are evolving:
The role of social media has played a large role in this. It's not just about the garment, it's also about the brand story. Designers are now migrating from Instagram to Snapchat. It’s all about being in the moment right now. It’s very difficult to stand out in a crowd without a strong social media presence.

My path to RBIS:
I studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and received a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I lived in NYC for three years where I was Art Director at Frank 151 magazine. I then freelanced in London in a variety of creative roles in the fashion industry. 

Why Avery Dennison:
The whole idea of building and growing the creative team in London excited me. The vision was to evolve from factory partner to branding partner, with unlimited potential hooked me. I love that there’s always opportunity to grow and do more.

Best career advice I’ve received:
Everyone makes mistakes that’s why pencils have rubbers on the end of them. Keep drawing!