Window of Textile Opportunities™ (WoTO) in partnership with BYBORRE

Together, we are changing the textile industry.

Creators are the gatekeepers of doing better. When designing a textile, 80% of its environmental impact is set in stone, so every decision matters. That’s why we’re partnering with BYBORRE alongside other industry changemakers to launch WoTO™.

As a founding partner, Avery Dennison is playing a key role in shaping the future of the textile industry, bridging the gap between creativity and supply chain transparency, to promote sustainability.

Inside WoTO™

Inside WoTO™

WoTO™ is a permanent interactive showroom located in Amsterdam that connects industry-leading suppliers and change agents. WoTO™ is a space to facilitate and connect a community of like-minded people by giving access to tools, education on the latest developments and events to activate change.

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Empowering on-demand manufacturing

WoTO™ provides Avery Dennison a platform to showcase our latest technology, which brings to life the benefits of on-demand manufacturing, by educating and equipping apparel designers, manufacturers, and brand owners to create better products and develop a more efficient, transparent supply chain.

Our latest innovations on display include:

  • In-plant printing
  • Factory automation
  • Digital packaging
  • Sustainable yarn innovations

  • Empowering on-demand manufacturing
    WoTOTM curriculum

    WoTO™ curriculum

    Founding partners are able to co-host the WoTO™ curriculum and event calendar, taking over the space to share their sustainability or innovation ambitions and accelerate action towards them. These sessions provide further opportunities to lead the responsibility movement together.

    The space is available for:

  • Industry meetings and workshops
  • KnitExplore™ workshops
  • New solution launch events
  • WoTO™ showroom tours
  • Virtual tours and meetings

  • “Part of Avery Dennison RBIS’s innovation and sustainability strategy is to explore new solutions that can help the fashion industry become more transparent, efficient and sustainable.”

    – Greta Moser, director PLM, Brand Protection, Factory Solutions & IPPS, Avery Dennison

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    About BYBORRE

    BYBORRE is a textile innovation company that focuses on drastically changing the textile industry as we know it today.

    BYBORRE believes in a radical approach to textiles – by thinking about the future of people and the planet, and creating fabrics for the next generation.

    We are happy to welcome you to WoTO™ to experience the space, access our latest innovations, and be apart of real change.

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