BioFlex™ Bag: Rivals protective plastic

Global compliance and hygiene concerns require clothing to be protected during transit - usually by fossil-based polyethylene (PE) packaging. As online sales continue to grow and customers become more aware of the harmful environmental effects of plastic bags,an alternative is urgently needed and sought-after. 

Avery Dennison's BioFlex™ is a sustainable, cyclable alternative that's identical in appearance to PE packaging. This biobased polybag is designed to protect clothes and the environment, providing transit-flexible packaging with a carbon-negative footprint. 

Producing Avery Dennison BioFlex™ removes more CO2 from the atmosphere than it emits, and surplus energy is returned to the national grid. Avery Dennison's polybag is made of 100% responsibly sourced, purpose-grown and renewable sugar cane, cutting the use of fossil-based materials by up to 97%. It is 100% recyclable, and will not contaminate the waste stream. 

With online sales only set to increase, eliminating protective plastic will appeal to eco-conscious consumers, while aiding the planet . 

100% Recycled Content Factory Transit Bag:
A cost-effective alternative to plastic packaging

Over 80 billion plastic bags are still used annually to ship garments, and plastic packaging often ends up in landfills or polluting our oceans and environment. Avery Dennison's 100% Recycled Content Polybags are made from pre-consumer (industrial) waste and provide a sustainable, cost-comparable alternative to virgin PE bags. 

They deliver on all sustainability fronts: meeting the international, voluntary, full-product Global Recycled Standard, and were developed following the guidance and processes of the internationally recognized Natural Step to ensure sustainability at all stages of their life cycle - from creation and the extraction of raw materials to manufacture and, finally, end of life. 

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