Price Tickets and Pressure Sensitive Labels

Price Tickets

Avery Dennison offers a myriad of branding solutions including:

  • graphic tags,
  • price tickets,
  • label overrides,
  • care and content labels,
  • size strips, and
  • brand protection labeling.

We provide flexible solutions that result in greater speed to market and an endless array of possibilities for your business.

Regional Tags
Multicurrency price tags help meet the pricing challenges of our global economy. With a regional approach to price tagging, we can tailor your products to specific markets, while optimizing tag size and minimizing complexity.

Tear-Away Panels
Satisfying differing regulatory needs and cultural sensitivities with a single label is challenging. Through our creative designs, however, your tags can include tear-away or peelable sections to ensure that information on display is seamlessly matched to the consumer base of each of your selling markets.

Piggy-Back Labels
Innovative ‘label-on-label’ solutions enable one panel to be peeled away to reveal another underneath, making them ideal for dual-pricing solutions or managing region-specific data.

Size Stickers

What do customers look for when shopping for pants and trousers?


Help them find the right size quickly and easily.  

When applied directly to the garment, size strips and stickers are effective in presenting critical size information whether the garments are folded and displayed on racks.

We offer clear and opaque options, all with the ability to fold and flex along with your garments. Removal leaves no stain, residue, or damage to the garment.

Color Shoebox Labels

We offer full-color shoe box labels with high-quality footwear images and vibrant colors to highlight key information like size and style.

The result is maximum merchandising appeal so your product stands out and consumers can find the right item quickly and easily.

For maximum supply chain flexibility, choose between the convenience of finished labels delivered to your production locations, or go with the ability to print your own labels with our in-plant printing solutions as you need them.

Sustainable Labels

Sustainable Labels

We stand strong in our commitment to protect the environment.

As a result, We are FSC®-certified (FSC®-C014030), please ask for our FSC®-certified products.

We also offer pre and post consumer waste options with content ranging from 10% - 100%.

APEO-free adhesives are also available.

Reach out to our label solutions experts for more information.