Brand Protection

Make sure your customers are
buying the real deal.

Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions offers custom brand and loss prevention solutions that can integrate throughout the supply chain to creatively, intelligently, and cost-effectively protect your merchandise.

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Manufacturing. Logistics. Retail.

Using some of the latest overt and covert security technologies, and combining them with our innovative label design, price ticket and marking products, and leading software applications, we are capable of delivering a range of customized solutions designed for advanced asset protection and management.

What is overt brand protection?

Overt brand protection solutions are visible technologies used for both investigative and consumer validation of product authenticity, including:

  • Micro-printing
  • Holograms
  • Printed and demetalized security threads
Understanding Covert Brand Protection

Covert brand protection solutions are often applied as second-level security in combination with overt technologies. They almost always require the use of special tools and include a range of specialty taggants dispersed into ink, coatings, and yarns.

Smart label
Global Track and Trace

While trends are constantly changing and at a hectic pace, our track-and-trace solutions are designed to keep up. They combine the power of focused data management with easy access to that information in the cloud. Sequential numbering as a digital identity is available on a variety of label types, including woven, printed, and heat transfer labels. This unique number by item allows you to view product and manufacturing attributes to verify authenticity. Other solutions include:

  • 2-D barcodes and QR codes with unique digital identities provide quick product and manufacturing attributes.
  • AD Certify™ is an easy-to-use app that facilitates identifying fakes with greater confidence, right on the sales floor.
Care and Content Labels

Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions labels are designed to meet both industry regulations and RSL standards with important consumer information printed on fabric, sewn in, or woven.

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Woven Labels

Woven Separated Elements and Fabric Separated Elements are no-sew woven label embellishments heat-applied to the garment exterior. Optimal for logos and any design using separate elements, there’s no need for sewing, stitching, or appliqué. Learn more about our other woven label and embellishment solutions.

The RFID Answer

Item-level authentication with RFID ensures integrity and visibility from manufacturing site to shopping bag. It facilitates immediate product authentication and shipment tracking, while also reducing the risk of counterfeiting and diversion.

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