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Join Apparel Solutions as we participate in leading industry events across the globe, both in-person and virtually. We believe in the importance of joining conversations about technology impacting brands, retailers, and factories and keeping an eye on emerging trends. These events are the perfect opportunities to meet our customers in person or virtually and hear their stories firsthand while showcasing our ingenious, industry-leading solutions that continue to transform the apparel and footwear industry. As digital continues to extend its reach and the business world responds to COVID-19, we are attending and hosting increasing numbers of virtual events, such as online conferences and webinars. Join us and stay connected to the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

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NRF 2024: Retail's Big Show

Booth#: 6110

January 14-16, 2024 |  New York City, USA

At Avery Dennison, we believe in a future where every physical item will have a unique digital identity. Come and experience the connection between the physical and the digital world through our suite of digital ID technologies and solutions, optimizing performance for the apparel, logistics, food, and beauty industries. Use code 377 to receive a 20% discount when you register.

Digital Events / Podcasts


Accelerating Textile Circularity with Digital IDs

Avery Dennison and Circ joined forces with the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) to explore the future of fashion in a session titled "Accelerating Textile Circularity with Digital IDs." Mike Colarossi, VP of Innovation, Product Line Management, and Sustainability at Avery Dennison and Peter Majeranowski, CEO & Co-Founder of Circ, explored the concept of a closed-loop system wherein garments are endlessly recycled and transformed into new ones, eliminating the need for landfills and incineration.


The Littlest Things: How Small Change Paves the Way for Systematic Innovation

Can a little label change the world? Michael Colarossi, Avery Dennison’s vice president of product line management, innovation, and sustainability recently shared his insights on the Sustainability & Circularity track at ITMA 2023 where he passionately called upon textile producers and fashion brands to have faith in the transformative power of small changes for a better circular future. Watch the full presentation below and visit our website to learn how we can assist you in navigating this journey.


Telling powerful stories

Rana Sidahmed, Vice President Marketing, Avery Dennison, sits down with David Rowlands from B2B Marketing to speak about B2B brand storytelling, which is often considered more challenging than B2C. Brand stories of any kind must resonate with target audiences, and despite the current economic position we’re all facing, taking risks to stand out from the crowd is essential. In the podcast, Rana makes the case for fostering creativity in the downturn. It’s important to understand your specification, measures, partners, and audiences to uncover your own story. To resonate with your audience, try to bring humanity and humor into the mix to add that personal element.


Unlocking circularity: the use of technology in apparel supply chains

Debbie Shakespeare, senior director, compliance and sustainability at Avery Dennison joins Ian Welsh from Innovation Forum in an insightful conversation. Together, they delve into the transformative power of technology fostering circularity within apparel supply chains. They discuss the crucial role played by digital traceability in extending the life of a product, through consumer education and authentication.


The shift from physical to digital labeling

Michael Colarossi, Avery Dennison’s vice president of product line management, innovation, and sustainability, recently had an insightful conversation with Steve Lamar from AAFA about the shift from physical to digital apparel labeling. Significant regulatory measures that will define Digital Product Passports (DPPs) are on the horizon, and lawmakers are actively supporting the move towards DPPs for enhanced supply chain transparency and efficiency, digital consumer engagement, circularity, and more. The exciting news is that the technology needed for this transformation already exists. Our digital solutions portfolio, including digitized triggers, a range of applications, and our data system, connected product cloud., is ready for this transformation. Watch the video below to learn more about how we're driving innovation in the apparel industry and helping brands implement the transition now.


The connected jersey: A digital revolution in sports apparel

Michael Colarossi Avery Dennison’s vice president of product line management, innovation, and sustainability, sits down with Rob Hartnett on the new Sport For Business sports technology podcast to discuss the value of connected jerseys. As digital and physical realms in the sports world continue to merge, tune in to this episode to hear how digitally-connected garments are revolutionizing fan engagement while offering teams and brands alike new, innovative revenue streams.


Premier League Orlando Fan Fest

Our 5th Premier League Fan Fest at Universal Studios, Orlando was the best one yet. We customized over 1,500 Premier League shirts for fans and welcomed league legends old and new into our space to make their own shirts and talked to us about what their number means to them. Watch the full weekend recap below.



How digital connectivity in fashion is changing the game

Michael Colarossi, Avery Dennison’s vice president, product line management, innovation, and sustainability catches up with Neil C. Hughes on The Tech Talks Daily podcast where they discuss Avery Dennison’s journey to becoming more digitally focused, delving into how innovations in embellishment technology are blurring the lines between the physical and digital world, improving customer experiences, supply chain visibility, sustainability and circularity in the apparel market.


Textiles and apparel companies face uncertain times

Circular apparel consumption, product traceability, and Scope 3 emissions reduction were hot topics at COP27 in Egypt this year. Debbie Shakespeare, senior director, sustainability, compliance & core product line management at Avery Dennison joined a high-profile panel discussing ‘Best Practices from Sustainable Textiles & Apparel’. Debbie’s key message: “Digital ID technology will play a vital role in closing the circularity loop regarding recycling. Once you have a digital label on a garment, firstly you can tell the consumer where they can get the item recycled in the right way, and secondly, it helps the recycler know what the fibre content is and they can expect out of it.” Watch the full session recording below. 


Premier League Philadelphia Fan Fest

Avery Dennison was at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia last October with our Premier League partners for a weekend filled with football, fans, and fun. We had a great time customizing shirts, giving away special jerseys and hats, speaking with so many football fans, and celebrating the weekend's games in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Watch the weekend recap below.


How to get ready for apparel legislation with Digital IDs

Digital care labels create a bridge between the physical label on a garment, and the digital identity stored in the cloud.” In the latest AAFA Industry Chat, Mike Colarossi, vice president, product line management, innovation, and sustainability at Avery Dennison explains how digital solutions are helping transform the fashion industry, by using triggers such as QR codes and NFC to link to information-rich Digital Product Passports (DPPs). Brands need DPPs to comply with incoming traceability legislation. Consumers who care about the planet want material composition and ethical supply chain data to inform their purchase decisions. And industrial textile recyclers urgently need to know how to process unwanted apparel. DPPs provide a solution on all these levels.


If garments could tell a story, what would I want my outfit to say?

Mike Colarossi, Vice President, Product Line Management, Innovation and Sustainability at Avery Dennison joins the Fail Faster Podcast to share his belief that "Anything is Possible" if you put the right energy, curiosity, and conviction into the mix. He gives us a glimpse of an exciting future for the apparel industry, where digital triggers tell a garment’s story. Digitizing vital information about recycling the garment can help consumers contribute to a circular economy too. This episode is a peek at early ideations that lead to huge disruptions.


Digitization of the textile industry

Listen to Greta Moser, Global Director Supply Chain & Product Development at the BYBORRE & WoTO™ partners virtual Symposium & Panel Discussion as they discuss the Digitization of the textile industry. In this webinar, you'll about the extent digital solutions will help to change the textile industry for the better.


Next Steps: Taking Fashion To Net-Zero Carbon 

Avery Dennison aims to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050. But what about your brand or company? Where do you stand now and how do you start? In this special edition webinar, WWD hears from the experts at Avery Dennison who are leading the charge toward net-zero emissions. They share insights and actionable advice on how to get to zero carbon, focusing on how innovation, technology and digital solutions can help brands reach their goals.

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