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RBIS has an important story to share. That’s why we participate in leading industry events across the globe. Each is an important opportunity to join the conversations about tech impacting retailers and trends to keep an eye on. These events are the perfect opportunities to meet customers in person and hear their stories firsthand while showcasing our ingenious, industry-leading solutions that continue to transform the apparel and footwear industry

As digital extends its reach, and the business world responds to COVID-19, we are attending and hosting increasing numbers of virtual events such as online conferences and webinars.

For the love of planet: Addressing apparel’s sustainability challenge

Sustainability is a huge and complex issue — one that was long overlooked but is currently begging for our attention. As consumers, corporate leaders, and change-makers, we have a responsibility to influence change and innovate for the sake of our planet and future The fashion industry, in particular, is seeing a shift toward circularity and more sustainable practices. With public perception shifting and consumers becoming more conscious, brands and retailers quickly have to follow suit. But what does it take to change the trajectory of an entire industry? Michael Colarossi of Avery Dennison will navigate the challenge of breaking down silos, engaging stakeholders across the value chain, and collaborating as one to push a shared sustainability agenda forward.

Scaling Circular Fashion in North America

What could a circular fashion industry look like in 2050? The need for urgent action is clear: While the lifespan of individual garments dwindles, the environmental footprint of the apparel industry continues to grow. But where there’s inefficiency, there’s often opportunity. From renewable and recycled inputs to new business models such as repair, rental and recommerce to end of life management and more — like enabling technologies, policies and partnerships — the apparel industry is ripe for a makeover. Experts and innovators will share their aspirations for the future of manufacturing, traceability, and fabric innovation.

Carved in Blue: Unzipping the Trims

Consumer demand, plastic pollution and the impacts of COVID-19 are just some of the factors driving sustainable change in the fashion industry. As part of the CARVED IN BLUE® webinar series, Avery Dennison took part in a panel talk with leading Global Trim Manufacturers, moderated by Tricia Carey from TENCEL™ . Watch the recording to hear how the trim category is addressing circularity, transparency, marketing and more.

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