First Impressions Are Lasting Ones

That’s why our packaging solutions team develops custom retail packaging that authentically and effectively communicates your brand to consumers, while also prioritizing environmental products and technologies, and helping to increase your bottom line with reduced shipping costs.

Elevating Brands With More Sustainable Packaging

Customers are increasingly environmentally aware and will often avoid products that are over packaged, instead favoring minimal, recyclable packaging.

Caroline Hughes
Global Senior Manager, Packaging

Michael Kaufmann
Global Business Development Director, Online

The Future of Online Packaging

The 'Moment of Truth' is shifting from in-store to the home. This evolution requires a seamless shopping experience, from the retail platform to delivery and packaging.

More Sustainable Packaging

Many of our POS packaging solutions use FSC®-certified paper. In fact, all the papers used from our internal factories feature 100% certified recycled paper.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear was the first client to deploy our new transit bag for their OutDry Extreme Eco jacket. This groundbreaking bag looks and acts like the traditional clear polybags used to ship clothes to retail locations, but it’s made from sugar cane—not petroleum—and can easily be recycled.

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