Sustainability Never Looked So Good

A Force for Good

Avery Dennison doesn’t just talk sustainability. Our commitment to people and the planet fuels our social compliance internally and is the foundation of our broad offering of responsible, ingenious solutions. 

From labels made from recycled yarn to supporting emerging designers who use a diverse portfolio of sustainable branding elements, we help apparel and footwear brands meet consumer demand for ethical, green products. With high sustainability standards that exceed the industry norm, we are also committed to leveraging our reputation among retailers, manufacturers, and brands to accelerate performance intelligently, while delivering positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

Solution Spotlight

10 Solutions for Sustainable Change

As a principal sponsor at Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019, we presented 10 solutions to help you address challenges at various stages of your supply chain.

Plastic Bank

Learn more about how we’re repurposing ocean-bound plastic into printed fabric and woven labels.

Sustainability Deep Dive

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In this curated study, we explore the future of material innovation, connectivity and circularity, and what it means to be a force for good.
We look to both the trailblazers, the start-ups and the innovators, as well as the heritage businesses who are challenged with redefining their practices to remain relevant and contribute.

Sign up for the second edition of the Avery Dennison Sustainability Deep Dive

Avery Dennison - A Sustainable Company

We not only help our customers develop and implement sustainable processes, but we’re also integrating our sustainability goals within all our operations and engaging employees at all levels.  Across the company, we’re harnessing our core strengths, applying to sustainability the same creativity, determination and passion for problem-solving that we bring to our customers.

By 2025, we have pledged to:

  1. Deliver innovations that advance the circular economy

  2. Reduce environmental impact in our operations and supply chain

  3. Be a force for good, adding value for all our stakeholders

Our efforts have already brought about progress as we have recently ranked #72 on Barron’s first list of 100 Most Sustainable Companies.

 Avery Dennison is here to help you find the best solutions for making your business more sustainable, while enabling greater efficiency and profitability. Together, we can create meaningful change.