Global Labeling Compliance

Expanding your business into new geographic areas can also come with complex legal and market requirements that could impact the labeling of your products. How do you stay informed? We offer compliance guidance from experts you can trust. We offer labeling legislation guides in over 100 countries, documents that are kept updated for local teams and customers, and support from local teams to review changes and implement action – so you can stay up to date and in the know.

Compliance Labeling Solutions

Each country-specific profile includes relevant data sources such as laws and regulations, as well as national norms and standards.

  • Care instructions
  • Care symbols
  • Country of origin
  • Fiber identity and content
  • Languages
  • Manufacturer/importer identity
  • Size

Care and Content Label Solutions

Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions labels are designed to meet both industry regulations and RSL standards with important consumer information printed on fabric, sewn in, or woven. Plus, they are managed through our global Compliance Solutions so you never have to worry about consistency or integrity.

Data Management

From web-based data management systems that ensure globally consistent product to store-level care labels, price tickets, and stickers manufactured using our In-Plant Printing Solution, Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions delivers a comprehensive range of flexible solutions designed to meet the most demanding operational needs and compliance requirements.

Industry Intelligence

Our experts share powerful insights into the latest compliance and brand protection issues impacting retailers and brands around the world.

Meet Kim Schneider, Senior Director, Technology Solutions

What are key things to keep in mind when considering a Brand Protection program?
First, we need to start by understanding the problem and associated threats. Is the issue counterfeiting, gray market, overproduction out of the factories, or all of the above?

What is the best way to ensure success?
It’s important to remember that Brand Protection programs are more about deterrence than prevention. Stopping counterfeiting or gray market activities is most often an unreasonable goal. The goal should be more about applying situational crime prevention and deterrence by equipping your brand protection team with effective tools to identify and confidently act on problems they encounter while policing the brand.

What features and technology are recommended? Overt, Covert, Serialization, etc?
A multidisciplinary approach that includes both supply chain management and labeling science is strongly recommended. The more elements in the brand protection strategy, the more difficult the product will be to counterfeit. A layered approach should include physical security features combined with forensic features, as well as a data layer that is usually linked through item level serialization. Each element has benefits depending on where and how it is used in the supply chain.

Since every brand’s situation is different, Avery Dennison partners with brands to the find the best solution to fit their particular needs. We assist our customers in building a roadmap for ease of implementation while creating a strategy to serve future add-on capabilities.

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