Telling a product's story

Customers today expect complete transparency around the provenance of a product and desire more personal brand experiences. Avery Dennison's solution gives apparel and footwear items their own unique digital identity that connects to the internet. Through the smart product platform brands are able to customize the entire consumer journey, end to end for each individual. Awareness labeling of this kind increases brand transparency, enhances the awareness and experience of the consumer, and provides brands with insights and data to make manufacturing and selling more efficient. 






Capturing data from a label or graphic tag with a smartphone gives information about how a garment was made, how it can be styled, how to care for it and how to recycle it - right down to details such as nearby second-hand or charity shops where unwanted items can be donated, based on the user's postcode. Each time the consumer engages, the experience can be different, as it becomes enriched with real-time data such as geolocation or time of day. 

Avery Dennison offers the ability for brands to create digital experiences personalized to each individual consumer based on the products they consume. 



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