Component Weave

The Next Generation of
Jacquard Weaving

Component Weave is an innovative solution that incorporates jacquard weaving techniques with yarns typically used in the automotive industry. Made in our Collitex facility located in Italy, the material is created using a new mounted jacquard loom that is able to handle a combination of thicker yarns. The lightweight fabric is strong, breathable, and well equipped to showcase high-definition graphics for footwear, headwear, apparel accent pieces, and accessories.


RBIS + People Footwear

We collaborated with People FootwearTM to create a special edition sneaker coined “The Stanley.” Using our Component Weave innovation, we designed this lightweight lace-up sneaker for Le Ballon FC in Paris to perfectly compliment their pop-up gallery, shop, and bar activity during European Tournament 2016.

Component weave innovation in footwear

Component Weave +
Christopher Raeburn

Component Weave has been frequently used by our halo brand partner, Christopher Raeburn. Most recently, his design studio has incorporated this fabric into his apparel garments, embellishments, and backpacks for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Collection.

No Boundaries: A Look into Designing
Component Weave

Close-up of innovative Conponent Weave

RBIS Collitex Facility

Located in Italy, the renowned worldwide center of excellence for weaving, our Collitex factory works with customers to develop innovative, creative solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.

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External Embellishments

RBIS brings brands to life with sophisticated external embellishments that have the power to tell a story, and do so in an exciting and relevant way.

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