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Global Expansion Solutions

Consumers are demanding more every day, increasing the pressure on leading brands and retailers to go global. And expanding into new markets can be a daunting and complex process.

The key to creating a successful plan is to ensure that all apparel and footwear products are fully compliant with the ever-changing regulations of the markets where they will be sold. This can be a huge undertaking and a massive challenge if you do not know the facts.

Are you up to speed with the latest fiber
labeling requirement for Mexico?

How about Japan’s plans to change care symbols?* In this constantly changing environment, the pressure to comply with regulations increases. Failure to comply can result in significant losses for an organization, leading to excessive penalties, delays at customs, and, ultimately, empty shelves in stores.

At Avery Dennison RBIS, we offer a comprehensive service to help you grow successfully in new countries and achieve your goals. From advising on legal requirements to providing translations and creating label designs that complement your brand, we partner with you at every step to ensure a smooth rollout into new markets, avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Adhering to apparel label regulations in each selling market invariably calls for labels to be printed in the local language(s).

Overseas Growth Essentials

Avery Dennison Global Legal Compliance Guide
Our Global Legal Compliance Guide is a comprehensive toolset highlighting the key apparel and footwear label information required by more than 100 countries worldwide. It includes:

  • Detailed country-specific profiles indicating requirements for critical data items including fiber content, country of origin, care instructions, and importer identification.

  • Each profile outlines which information is mandatory and highlights which requirements are at the discretion of the brand or retailer.

  • A guide to international care symbols: which symbols to use and where.

  • This guide also includes ISO/Ginetex, American Standard Test Method, Japanese and Korean symbol sets.


Translation Database

Speed is essential to driving global expansion and adhering to regulations in each selling market invariably calls for labels to be printed in the local language(s). We maintain a database of the most widely used care label words and phrases in more than 40 languages. If we don’t already have the translations you need, we can provide them on request.

Creative Label Designs

Applying regulations to the design and marketing of a brand is key. Once you’ve identified the information and languages you need to print, we can partner with you to assist with the creative label designs. As the quantity of information on the label increases, so does the pressure to keep the overall label size within manageable proportions.

For the past four decades, we’ve partnered with leading brands around the world to deliver industry leading compliance solutions. As a result, we are in a unique position to advise on best practices, propose new and innovative approaches and prepare you for a successful rollout into new markets.

To find out more contact your Avery Dennison representative.

*By the way, if you’re still wondering about those Mexican fibers and Japanese care symbols, here’s the news: Mexico requires that the names of synthetic (man-made) fibers are printed on the care label in lower-case letters (effective September 2015). Japan is planning to adopt a new national standard (JIS L 0001:2014) effective December 2016, which will bring care symbols in line with the widely used ISO/Ginetex symbol set.