By Peter Maxwell and Rachael Stott 
Posted on November 11, 2016

The innovation: Phygital clothing

The instigators: Rochambeau, Avery Dennison and EVRYTHNG

The BRIGHT BMBR jacket uses near-field communication (NFC) and quick-response (QR) technology to create a digital identity, enabling owners to access unique experiences and products, as well as the product’s manufacturing history.

Proving that the phygital future is not limited to retail, the jacket is a prime example of how manufacturers of physical products can tap into the experience economy. 

What this means to your brand

1. Go phygital-first. The BRIGHT BMBR shows how digital-physical crossovers can transform products as well as the way they are sold.

2. Grant access. Use your network of friends and collaborators to offer customers one-of-a-kind experiences.

3. Collect feedback. Weaving smart technology into your apparel opens up unprecedented opportunities to collect data on how and where your products are used.

4. Make it personal. As part of its digital identity, each jacket gives the wearer access to a video that reveals the making process behind it.

5. Create geo quests. Wearers can link the jacket to their smartphone within 500 yards of a New Stand store in New York to obtain exclusive gifts.

Phygital identities
Consumers increasingly prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than products, but the BRIGHT BMBR jacket, which features Internet of Things (IOT)-connected technology, combines both experience and product in a single garment.

The jackets, of which only 15 will be made, feature a label that carries an NFC chip and a personalised QR code, which is hidden inside a zipper on the left sleeve. Wearers connect to these tags through their smartphone, enabling them to access a range of exclusive experiences and products.

Created in collaboration with packaging material manufacturer Avery Dennison and IOT company EVRYTHNG, the jacket has a unique ‘software identity’ that enables brands to use it as a media platform.

‘Every forward-thinking fashion brand and retailer is working out how to combine physical stores with digital media and services,’ says EVRYTHNG co-founder Andy Hobsbawm. ‘With intelligent data platforms they will be able to personalise the experience of buying and owning products.’

Access all areas
Wearers of the BRIGHT BMBR have VIP access to a series of exclusive events curated by Rochambeau’s founders, such as a tasting menu for two at tapas restaurant Toro, a private tour of the New Release Gallery and fast-track entry to exclusive nightclubs such as Never Never. The jacket also acts as a ticket to Rochambeau’s 2017 runway show.

‘These days, people want experiences more than just objects,’ Rochambeau co-founder Laurence Chandler told Forbes. ‘Everyone loves being in a city with a super clued-up friend who not only knows where to find all the hidden treasures but has the connections to get you the best table or under the velvet rope. A Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket has a digital life of its own and connects you to the world of art and culture that inspired the brand.’ 

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