Art Comes First deadstock garments:
Stylish upcycling solutions

Storing unsold, unwanted deadstock is costly and wastes space, while disposing of it through landfill or incineration leads to pollution. Avery Dennison's Agility™ Heat Transfers can transform unused, surplus clothing, giving it a second life by embellishing it into a whole new range of desirable pieces. Compared to screen printing, the transfers use less water and energy, and produce less solid waste and CO2 emissions. 

Avery Dennison partnered with creative collective Art Comes First for its AW19 Electric Church collection, which features a range of limited-edition vintage T- shirts sourced from the amous Rose Bowl flea market in California. Using Avery Dennison Agility™ Heat Transfers, the T-shirts are embellished with high- definition graphics inspired by vintage pin badges - showing how deadstock can be transformed into covetable, limited-edition pieces. The transfers are practical as well as decorative. They can also be used for labeling and branding purposes on items from performance wear to footwear, and on a variety of materials, from denim to heat-sensitive fabrics . 

Upcycling deadstock into desirable, valued items makes for a creative way to elevate surplus pieces, as well as your brand's commitment to sustainability. 

Art Comes First

Art Comes First [ACF] is a consultancy collective of designers, tailors, photographers, art directors, musicians & rebels. Founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, former Savile Row tailors, the duo seek to provide creative nourishment and inspiration through dynamic collaborations in art and fashion.ACF seeks to both define and redefine, with Lambert and Maidoh dedicated to exploring thought-provoking new concepts that generate new ways of thinking. Fashion in particular can suffer from a reputation as art's shallow cousin; but for ACF fashion represents something different, providing them with an opportunity to fulfil a responsibility to inspire and create something lasting. Their expert understanding of the magnetism that intrinsically binds art and fashion comes directly from their clear admiration of the history of Craftsmanship and a deep seated respect for the future. 

"This is the inevitable future of fashion: looking after what matters, protecting it and innovating it for the next generation to come" Shaka Maidoh, Co-founder, Art Comes First 

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