Connected Communities


As data becomes increasingly important for understanding the fans and customers of the future, content is emerging as a defining element of brand culture and strategy. Global consumer behavior is leading companies to move from a product-centered approach to a more service-oriented, more transparent reason for being – shifting importance onto purpose and a commitment to society.

In terms of fan engagement, data-driven platforms can help brands and clubs to connect with fans in ways that bring in new sources of revenue and offer a heightened consumer experience. A number of industry moves reinforce this message. In April 2020, the NBA signed a multiyear partnership with technology giant Microsoft to create a direct-to-consumer platform that will use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to localize experiences for the league’s global fan base. Reflecting the struggle to feel connected and the power of bringing people together virtually, social sporting network Strava saw a 1.9X increase in social connections in 2020, with the average athlete following almost twice as many people compared to the prior year.

To bolster fan and consumer engagement in a more virtual world, brands need to visualize the future as they mean it. The future is connected communities.


In their Sports Outlook 2021, Deloitte recommends that in 2021, sports organizations should consider three key strategic opportunities to boldly position themselves to thrive in the future: 


• Leverage digital tools to drive new revenue generation models 

• Be active in addressing race, gender, and LGBT+ inequality and injustice 

• Explore new ways to fuel year-round fan engagement 


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July 2021

Made to Mention Magazine 02

Welcome to the second issue of Avery Dennison’s quarterly trends and insights magazine, Made to Mention. Each issue will focus on a central theme, with this issue entirely dedicated to Community. Our first issue was centered around Digitalization and in line with our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint this issue has gone entirely digital.

July 2021

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