The Avery Dennison Trends Report 21.1

Evolving demographics, social media, climate change, emerging technologies and political instability are driving substantial shifts in consumer needs and behaviors. For both manufacturers and retailers, the apparel industry demands creativity to adapt to these shifts and remain profitable. Even better — to build a legacy that will have meaningful influence for generations to come.

In this study we identify some of the trends that are paving the way for new ways of living, making and consuming. We address the need for bold, visible action toward collective sustainability goals, and the importance of bridging meaningful and personalized experiences with convenience. Innovation is in our DNA, and we hope that collaboratively we can use it to drive positive change in our industry.

The report is available by request both digitally and in print. Please send us an email at In line with our company-wide goal to choose raw materials that minimize consumption of resources, this printed magazine is made with our N.G.S.M. range paper, Crush. Combined with FSC fibers, the Crush paper line uses exhausted waste of plant origin to replace virgin fibers.

January 2020

External Embellishments Market Insights

From smart embellishments to print technology shifts to sustainable solutions, this Market Insights report is designed to bring you the ‘must know’ trends and innovations in the industry.

January 2020

Art, fashion and customization for the homeless

In December 2019, we were proud to partner with 4BYSIX with an event aimed to raise money for a London double-decker bus to be converted into a creative living space for homeless people in London.

April 2019

Next Generation Sustainable Materials

N.G.S.M. (Next Generation Sustainable Materials) was born with the aim of making a major step towards sustainability in terms of substrates for all paper items, while becoming the market leader and point of reference for our customers’ sustainability programs.