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We know on the fields and courts of play the boundaries are set, but when it comes to what makes up a team the boundaries are more blurred. A team is more than the sum of its parts, and so too is the team apparel we help create. Teams are belonging. Teams are passion. They are victory, and they are defeat. Teams are made up of players, fans, names, and numbers. Teams are you.
I am my Team


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Avery Dennison scores new names and numbers deal with the Premier League

The Premier League has signed a new official supplier for names, numbers and sleeve badges.

From next season, all official Premier League names, numbers and sleeve badges will be printed and produced by Avery Dennison.

From the Ground Up

Uniting those who live locally, creating lifetime bonds and friendships, allies and rivals. The burning passion that lives inside every fan, and every player is also the same passion that flows on the local field.

Avery Dennison RBIS works with the greatest sporting bodies around the globe, but our mission to blur the lines between sport and fashion extends to these revolutionary grassroot leagues and teams. We believe that, though these local teams might make a small surface impact, the ripples they generate propels sporting greatness without limits. We are humbled by the passion extruding from these leagues that we support with our innovative suite of sporting apparel branding products and bespoke creative services.

RBIS supplies both local leagues and the giants of professional football with apparel branding materials such as:

  • Names, numbers, sponsor logo embellishments
  • Club crests
  • Woven and embroidered badges
  • Brand protection labeling and heat transfers

Make Football Weird!

What happens when you take the oddball nature of Portland and combine it with a rising cult passion for football in the United States, adding just a splash of unfettered creativity? Why, you get The Avery Dennison Toffee League of course.

It’s time to #MakeFootballWeird

Grassroots Football Far From The Garden-Variety

An eccentric collective of 8 unique teams were formed in Portland, Oregon. Collectively, The Avery Dennison Toffee League! Far from ordinary - each team spitball creative ideation for their team themes, producing 8 eye-catching crests that stray from the traditional and bunks up with cool instead. Each badge was optimized by Avery Dennison to produce the maximum in-your-face vibrancy, colour and even special effects like raised silicon. This isn’t football for the faint of heart!

Teaming With The People of Portland

For eight weeks during summer 2017, local teams representing football media, fashion, creative agencies, hospitality and more came together. Returning for the 2018 season, the Toffee League is up and running, powered by Avery Dennison RBIS. This is about the players, the community and the love of the game. This is about football being just as important on a local level, as it is on the world stage.

The Soho Warriors

An International Clubhouse For World Cup Fanatics

Avery Dennison teamed up with football-culture evangelists, The Soho Warriors, to create a truly unique ‘International Clubhouse’ space screening World Cup Russia 2018 games in an exclusive London location. Visitors got to leave their mark on customized jerseys, with bespoke crests representing the four sides of London, which then become part of an unique exhibition in the clubhouse space.

Umbro x Christopher Raeburn

Deconstructing the Boundaries Between Sport and Fashion

The time-honored British football jersey just got a high-fashion makeover. Authentic British football brand Umbro joining forces with leading British fashion designer Christopher Ræburn with a capsule collection for Spring/Summer ’18. Celebrating the greatest moments in English football history through a series of truly one-of-a-kind and ethically made REMADE garments launched in May 2018.

As the range deconstructs and remixes iconic classic Umbro shirts, Avery Dennison was there to celebrate the launch party, allowing guests to personalize their own Umbro jerseys with custom heat transfer names and numbers.


Avery Dennison Creative Team

Enhance Your Collection with Our Creative Expertise

We are designers, inventors, engineers, weavers, and makers. Avery Dennison is uniquely positioned to handle garment production from creative conception all the way to fabrication. Our creative team works with some of the biggest labels, brands and leaders across the fashion industry, and can help guide, or spearhead, the creative process.

For the team sport sector we are able to apply creative backed by experience creating game-changing designs, and eye-catching special effects to serve the biggest global leagues and sporting bodies. Our worldwide creative services team is expert at creating unique and differentiated ideas that help elevate your brand’s consumer appeal and value.


RBIS x Le Ballon

Kicking It With The Who's Who of Fashion

Avery Dennison RBIS spread the football fever in Paris and Portland during the European and Americas football tournaments in 2016. Inside customization labs, guests created their own football kits with our exclusively designed badges and embellishments. The customization labs sat alongside a wide range of activities and collaborations from world leading artists, designers, fashion and football influencers - all celebrating the culture of football.


Want to enhance your team’s story? Have a project ready to make its debut on the field?

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